On-Demand Workshop: How to Maximize Your Industrial Digital Marketing Budget

Posted on November 16, 2022

This workshop is a springboard for industrial marketers to start preparing their digital marketing strategy. Anne Cotter, Director of Sales & Marketing walks you through simple tactics at each stage of the industrial marketers’ funnel and real examples to generate new ideas and low-hanging fruit that will stretch your marketing dollars the furthest.

Key Takeaways

  1. Set your goals and work backward, bottom to the top of the funnel
  2. Set up interviews with your sales team, learn what they need for success
  3. Export website data – traffic & keywords – what can be learned and or leveraged?
  4. Mine for new content opportunities

Digital Marketing – Why Now?

With the economic downturn and ongoing issues with the supply chain, why should companies be investing in digital marketing?

  • Lower competition
  • More selective buyers
  • Recessions don’t last forever
  • You won’t find growth without it
  • Maintain or even accelerate what is working, cut costs on what isn’t

The B2B Funnel

  • Awareness – impressions, opens, followers
  • Conversion – leads (soft, direct signups)
  • Interest – clicks, traffic
  • Close – SQL opportunities

Start at the Bottom

Low investment, high impact

Look at your sales team and their challenges in closing deals to increase the number of qualified leads into won opportunities.

  • Look at Your House List: Your house list includes your existing contacts -whether they opted into your newsletter, downloaded something, was a lead that wasn’t ready to buy, etc.
  • Assess Top Performing Pages: Is the content still relevant to your business and your ideal customers? How is that traffic being leveraged? Opportunity to become a lead?

Move to the Middle

Assess Traffic & UX

Before throwing money into new pages, content, etc., take stock of your current performance, what’s working well, and where you’re losing traffic.

  • Leverage site search
  • Invest in heat maps
  • Keyword relevance

Take it to the Top

~40% of the marketing budget

The more awareness your brand can get, the more users that will seek you out later and move down the pipeline.

  • Brand Awareness
  • New Content Opportunities

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If you have questions or would like to set up a digital marketing assessment – let us know!