Elevate: Digital Marketing During the Supply Chain Crisis

Posted on March 16, 2022

Key Takeaways

1. Be Transparent: Adjust messaging and show you’re available for support and expertise

2. Offer Alternatives: Refocus your offering to allow customers to know what you CAN sell

3. Stay in the Race: Take this opportunity to gain trust with potential buyers

4. Tidy Up: Clean up your marketing efforts and reprioritize

Focus on Content

  • Blogs: Utilize long-tail keywords.
  • eBooks: Used as gated content to feed into lead nurturing
  • Infographics: Multi-purpose uses


Alternatives to Pausing Ad Campaigns

  • Be transparent: Add language like “Reserve your product now”
  • Shift budget: Don’t miss out on brand exposure


Find New Sales Opportunities

Refocus your offering to allow customers to know what you CAN sell

  • Alternatives
  • New Products
  • New Markets
  • New Services


Customer Retention & Loyalty

Customers are looking for any products that are available. Use this as an opportunity to offer alternative products that you have available.

  • Branding: Utilize non-branded keyword targeting
  • Education: Use your content!
  • Pre-Orders: Consider allowing pre-order and give customers an estimated lead time
  • In-Stock Alerts: Create an email list to notify customers when the product is back in stock


Take Time for Big Projects

Look at your to-do’s that have been put on the backburner – What are some of the things that are important but not urgent?


Ready to address your immediate needs or some bigger bucket list items?  Let’s get to work and re-evaluate your strategy together.