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We don’t just know social media. We live it. We breathe it. So when platforms and behaviors change (which they always do) we’re ready – if not one step ahead.

Our Social Media Marketing Services help your business grow brand awareness, build relationships, and increase traffic to your website. Succeeding in social media takes experience, creativity, authenticity, responsiveness, and time. Companies often struggle to supply all these ingredients without some outside help. We like to think of ourselves as your social media coach. We help you create your social media presence, build your audience, connect with influencers, plan your messages, and measure your effectiveness. In turn, you provide your knowledge of your brand, your products, and your audience. This collaborative approach ensures that your brand’s social media behavior is as authentic, effective, and customer-centric as possible.

Top Floor Experts

Emily Bandt

Digital Marketing Team Lead

Paige Logemann

Search Marketing Specialist

Ariel Coulter

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alaina Kallas

Digital Marketing Specialist

Emily Imhoff

Senior PPC Specialist

Riya Kaul

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tricia Timmers

Digital Account Strategist

Our Process

We begin by getting to know you and your business. We don’t simply ask you to fill out a form and create a cookie-cutter social marketing program. All too often we see clients’ brands being discredited by these one size fits all social media programs. Our social media team takes an in-depth look at you, your audience, and your market to create a custom social media strategy that brings real results.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Strategy Development
  • Campaign Execution
  • Analysis & Reporting

Social Media Strategy

Social media requires not only a strong design and point of view but also a strategy that conveys personality. Social media provides your business with a unique opportunity to let your customers – past, present, and future, connect with you on a whole different level. While your website generally needs to provide solid information for interested parties to conduct research and your email marketing efforts highlight offers – social media provides the chance to humanize your brand by adding personality into your communications.

We start with conducting a social media audit of your brand’s online presence, your content marketing strategy, and an analysis of your competitors. We also take the time to research your customers to discover what channels they use on a regular basis so we can meet them there.

Once we have an understanding of how you want to present yourself, what your customers are looking for, and what channels to focus on, we work with you to design a social strategy that grows your business.

Social Media Management

Social media is more than likes and followers – it’s about allowing businesses to connect with your prospects and existing customers, influencing public perceptions, building and managing brand reputation, and developing thought leadership.

Social media, like all digital, is constantly changing, from Facebook’s Fake News update to Twitter’s new 280 characters. It’s critical to stay on top of these changes and not fall behind. Let us take the lead so you can focus on your business. We work with you to create monthly content calendars and graphics that connect with your audience. Our Social Media Management services are focused on getting more engagement, creating more website traffic, and delivering more leads.

Social Media Advertising

Use social media platforms to acquire customers. Our years of paid advertising expertise translates directly into success with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our understanding of targeting helps us put your brand in front of the audience you want. By creating engaging social media campaigns that attract visitors to your website, we can continue building brand following by using remarketing techniques and display advertising to provide exposure across your customer’s full internet experience.

Paid Advertising Channels

  • Facebook: Images Ads, Offer Ads, Canvas Ads,  Lead Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads, Remarketing Ads, App Installs
  • Twitter – Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, App Installs, Lead Generation
  • LinkedIn – Sponsored Content, Text Ads, In-mail, Matched Audience, Lead Generation, Conversion Tracking
  • YouTube: Pre-roll, TruView, Bumpers
  • Instagram  – Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories Ads

Our Credentials

We know what it takes to drive successful social media campaigns.  Like all things digital, social media channels are constantly changing. We understand the importance of keeping up with these changes. That is why our social media marketing team is dedicated to staying current on the ins and outs of social media channels and their advertising platforms.


  • Facebook Blueprint Certified
  • Hootsuite Certified
  • Hubspot Certified

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