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SEO isn’t just another bullet point on a list of service offerings; it’s the core of our business. Unlike other local agencies, we never pivoted to be search marketing focused. We have been driving results for our clients through search engine marketing since day one. Our SEO experts have a passion for maximizing the number of qualified customers that search engines deliver to your website. We have the experience and knowledge to help obtain – and maintain – top rankings for keywords that will help generate leads and sales for your business. Simply put, SEO is about helping customers when they need you and our team will get you there.

Top Floor Experts

Emily Bandt

Digital Marketing Team Lead

Paige Logemann

Search Marketing Specialist

Ariel Coulter

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alaina Kallas

Digital Marketing Specialist

Riya Kaul

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tricia Timmers

Digital Account Strategist

Our Process

Great search engine optimization requires more than just adding keywords to a page. Our SEO specialists go through a rigorous process to deliver results that matter.

  • Industry Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Assessment
  • Keyword Mapping & Meta Data Writing
  • Content Refinement & Keyword Saturation
  • Directory & Citation Building
  • Technical Audit
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategy Refinement

On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO is more than just meta data and keyword saturation; it’s about matching user intent to content that connects. Our SEO team identifies the most valuable keywords for your company and places them on the right pages of your website. We break them down into two main areas; informational seeking and purchase intent. Purchase intent keywords get mapped to related sales and product pages while informational seeking keyword phrases get used for content creation including blog posts, videos, and more. This keyword analysis process helps us build up your website’s organic search rankings and turn visitors into leads.

Technical SEO

The little things are extremely important in SEO. Where other Milwaukee SEO companies only touch on the ‘bigger items’ like keywords and content, we pride ourselves on our extensive technical SEO knowledge. Without an in-depth understanding of the technical side of your website, those ‘big items’ might not even be seen by search engines, hindering your ability to rank for your services and products. All too often when we take on a new client, we uncover technical SEO issues that have been blocking all our clients’ hard work for years. Often times it’s the simplest mistakes that cause the biggest problems – from blocking Google to not redirecting old URLS.

Our technical SEO experts have worked with some of the most complex sites. Our experience and expert knowledge has allowed us to fully optimize website structures and frameworks to deliver results.

Local SEO

As mobile searches continue to dominate the market, being found online locally has become increasingly important. In general, people searching for a product or service on their phone are often looking for something nearby. If you want to do business in your local community, being found at the moment someone is looking to purchase can be the single deciding factor on whether or not you win the business. We help you optimize your website for local buyers, add your business to online directories that matter to your audience, claim and optimize your Google My Business page, and work to get you reviews that provide the social proof searchers look for when selecting a business.

Global SEO

We help companies achieve better visibility in country-specific search engines. Search Engine Optimization for multilingual websites goes beyond translating keywords into other languages. It requires extensive research to understand your audience to truly speak their language. Following our proven SEO process, we have helped many businesses research, plan, and execute effective international SEO strategies.

Data Analysis

Metrics are the key to continuous improvement. Our reports are more than just numbers; they are a comprehensive analysis of your entire website’s health and performance. Each month we revisit our efforts to analyze performance by examining rankings, traffic, conversions, and most of all, what led to direct sales. Based on that data we make adjustments as needed.

Google Analytics offers a wealth of data to measure and evaluate how customers find and interact with your website. At Top Floor we go beyond simply installing tracking code on your website and leaving the analysis to you. Our Google-certified specialists will configure your Google Analytics account to measure what matters to your business and to create clear, meaningful reports of our effectiveness. We’ll use this information to make continuous improvements to your plan – and to hold ourselves accountable for your success.

SEO Is An Ongoing Process

It’s not a one-time event. Climbing to the top of search rankings – and staying there – is an ongoing process because the market, the competition, and the companies that set the rules (Google) are constantly changing and evolving. It takes time, skill, creativity, and continuous improvement to achieve results. Our SEO specialists have been in this since the beginning – we have experienced the effects of algorithm changes and have successfully maneuvered through website penalties. This experience has given us a deep understanding of what it really takes to be successful in today’s search-engine-driven world, and we are excited to share our knowledge and passion to drive your business forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of confusion around SEO and how it affects your business. Our SEO experts have the answers to all of your burning questions:

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