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Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is an extremely effective method of online advertising that should be included in all integrated digital marketing plans. PPC can include paid search ads, display ads, and social ads. With proper management and ongoing optimizations, PPC campaigns can rapidly increase the amount of relevant traffic to your site, building an audience that will connect with your brand and take actions online that matter to your business – often at a lower cost than other marketing channels. Like all of our online marketing services, our PPC and paid advertising programs are designed to get the results that matter.

Our Certified Specialists

Andrea Yank

Director of Marketing Services

Emily Imhoff

Senior PPC Specialist

Paige Logemann

Search Marketing Specialist

Ariel Coulter

Digital Marketing Specialist

Riya Kaul

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alaina Kallas

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tricia Timmers

Digital Account Strategist

Our Process

Take a look at the many things that go into our comprehensive PPC process. We start by evaluating your current digital marketing efforts as well as the competitive landscape to develop paid search and display campaigns that meet your business objectives and deliver impactful results. Any agency can get you more traffic, but can they get you more quality traffic? How we approach PPC for our clients is unlike others in that we are not focused on high volume keywords or audiences. We are more interested in your ad showing up for the most relevant targeting to support your business goals.

  • Initial Consultation to Set & Plan Goals
  • Understand Your Customers
  • Understand Your Competitor’s Strategy
  • Keyword Research & Evaluation
  • Landing Page & Conversion Point Recommendations
  • Account Setup
  • Account Launch & Management
  • Split Testing Ads & Landing Pages
  • Consistently Review Performance & Make Adjustments

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Paid Search Campaigns

Paid Search can easily create more traffic to your website. However, it’s our expertise that ensures that traffic is quality and highly-relevant to your business. We work closely with you to choose the keywords and ad text that do the best job of qualifying users while staying on-brand. We’ll benchmark your competitors and continue optimizations on your account to make sure your ads are getting served for the right searches at the right time.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is best for building brand awareness and keeping your business top of mind. When done right, display ads can drive great results for your company by showing the right messaging to the right people at the right time. We know how to take advantage of the variety of audience targeting available in the display network and we’ll find the most relevant traffic for your business. Working in conjunction with paid and organic search, we can fill your sales funnel at multiple points along the buyer’s journey.


Reach customers who have shown an interest in your products or services with highly targeted digital advertising that is personalized to each users behaviors. We take remarketing the next level. Rather than show the same ad to all your website visitors, we take a more strategic approach. When setting up remarketing campaigns, we think of three core stages of the buying funnel – awareness, consideration, and decision – then create remarketing campaigns that are targeted to your customers at each of these stages.

Landing Page Development

Your landing page should have one goal – to persuade visitors to take a specific action. Landing pages can make or break your PPC campaigns. Your advertising budget could go to waste if you do not have a clear, compelling, mobile-friendly landing page that leads users to convert. We’ll evaluate your website for a clear conversion path and offer solutions to make sure you are making the best impression possible on your PPC visitors.

A/B Testing

We practice a methodology of ‘Always Be Testing’. A/B testing, or split testing, helps us discover combinations of keywords, ad copy, and target audiences that convert best. We can also test new bid strategies, campaign types, and landing pages while being cognizant of budget and conversions. We know how to efficiently identify A/B testing needs as well as results to make your campaigns more successful.

Ecommerce Shopping Ads

Delivering the right products at the right price. We specialize in developing segmented e-commerce PPC campaigns to ensure that your ad spend budget is going toward your profitable products. Our PPC specialists coupled with our in-house developers create and optimize your data feed to ensure your products are delivered when users are looking.

We are Certified Experts

Top Floor is a Google Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner, a designation reserved for only a fraction of all ads agencies. In order to qualify as a Partner, an agency must continuously meet requirements in three areas: performance, certification, and ad spend. Being a Partner means we are knowledgeable, experienced, and successful.

As a Partner, we’re given access to the latest digital advertising solutions, insights, and tools from our dear friends over at Google and Microsoft Advertising.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about where to start with your PPC? Leave it to our certified experts to answer all of your questions about the process, monthly management, and measuring success:

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