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Sometimes referred to as Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing refers to a broad effort to create content that attracts prospective and current customers to your website. Whether using blogs, social media, e-books, or video, content marketing works by bringing users to you and positioning your business as the go-to resource for the information they want.

Our experienced team of content marketers includes content strategists, editors, copywriters, search specialists, designers and developers. Having a fully integrated content marketing team means each piece of content we create for your business provides strategic marketing value, brings maximum search visibility, and has dedicated professionals specializing in creating the content that meets your needs.

Top Floor Experts

Anne Cotter

Director, Sales & Marketing

Emily Bandt

Digital Marketing Team Lead

Paige Logemann

Search Marketing Specialist

Research: Understanding Your Audience

You have no interest in creating content for just anybody – the value of content marketing is in its power to attract qualified leads and to delight your existing customer base. At Top Floor, we partner with you to identify and understand your market before we spend money creating content that won’t resonate. Our team develops targeted personas by researching your audience, your competition, and the overall marketplace to find and hone a message that attracts customers and sets your business apart.

Plan: Developing A Content Marketing Strategy

Unless you are a brand new start-up, chances are you already have a lot of content that we can use in your content marketing campaign. Our team will conduct an extensive audit of your existing content including blogs or web copy, sales literature, customer service documentation, and internal training information. From this, we determine what currently works, what could work if improved, and what to create. Once completed, we generate recommendations that align all content marketing efforts to your buyer’s journey. Finally, we create a content calendar that outlines the content creation work, and the associated deadlines – providing you with complete transparency as we move through the process.

Create: Developing Interesting, Relevant & Exciting Content

With a plan in place, our content team gets to work delivering content that works to reach your business objectives. Using a strategically designed content mix that could include everything from blog posts, press releases, infographics, checklists, e-books, or video we ensure every piece of content attracts your targeted customer and moves them through the buying process.

If you already have a marketing team in place, Top Floor can serve as consultants partnering with your copywriters and marketers to develop stand-out content. We regularly provide search expertise to optimize content or supply design services to create stunning infographics or layout e-books.

Connect: Promoting Content To Attract Buyers

Simply creating and publishing content and hoping that your buyers stumble upon it doesn’t work. Content creation and promotion go hand-in-hand. Rather than building it and simply hoping that your content attracts your target personas, Top Floor works with you to develop and execute a content promotion strategy that ensures your content shows up in the right places, at the right time to earn the attention of, and ultimately engagement of your core audience. By emphasizing an integrated creation and promotion strategy, the experts at Top Floor help get you the results you need from your content marketing investment.

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