How to Maximize Your Industrial Digital Marketing Budget

This workshop should be a springboard for industrial marketers to start preparing their digital marketing strategy. Anne Cotter, Director of Sales & Marketing walks you through simple tactics at each stage of the industrial marketers’ funnel and real examples to generate new ideas and low-hanging fruit that will stretch your marketing dollars the furthest.

Tactical Takeaways

  • Learn where to allocate your budget throughout the marketing funnel
  • Effectively assess your Sales team needs
  • Identify low-hanging fruit on your website
  • Discover new content opportunities

Most Effective For

  • Sales & Marketing Directors
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Budget Allocators
  • B2B & Industrial Business Owners

Event Speaker(s)

Anne Headshot

Anne Cotter

Director, Sales & Marketing

About the Speaker

Date & Time

November 16, 2022

11:00AM - 11:45AM CST



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