Core Web Vitals: Preparing for the Update

Late last year, Google announced that they would be updating their algorithm to take into account a user’s experience on a website or page. This is building upon changes that have happened over the past few years including elements like mobile-friendliness and using secure protocols (HTTPS). The new kids on the block are Core Web Vitals (rolled out mid-June). This presents site owners with an excellent opportunity to address their issues and focus on providing a top-tier user experience to their users in order to set themselves apart from the rest.

This Core Web Vitals Webinar Dives Into:

  • The Forthcoming Page Experience Update
  • The Opportunity This Presents Your Business
  • The Core Web Vitals Report
  • How to Develop Your Plan for Improvement

Event Speaker(s)

Date & Time

June 9, 2021

2:00PM - 3:00PM CST



Price: FREE

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