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It’s been around seemingly forever, yet email remains one of the most effective and powerful strategies in a marketer’s digital toolbox. It is one of those marketing tactics that is easy to do, but not so easy to do well. Our email marketing series is meant to be a compass you can use to navigate the sea of email marketing tactics and strategies.  We suggest starting at Email Marketing 101, but pick any which you feel will help you the most.

Email marketing is the equivalent of answering questions for those who have raised their hand.

Email Marketing 101

Level: Beginner

This is the first of our email marketing series. In this free on demand class, we will discuss best practices for designing an email that gets delivered, opened, and read. Topics will include:

  • Deliverability 101: How to avoid spam filters
  • Subject line optimization to maximize open rate
  • The right balance of text, images and links in the email body
  • Frequency and timing: How much is too much?
  • Metrics to monitor and how to benchmark performance

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Email Marketing 201

Level: Intermediate 

Let’s talk about how to grow your email list and segment them with basic content strategy. This webinar will cover:
  • List growth techniques
  • Formulate a basic content strategy to bolster list growth
  • Segmentation techniques

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Email Marketing 301

Level: Advanced 

During Email Marketing 301, the last in our series – we’re going to combine all three topics into an in-depth view of marketing automation and, when done correctly, the important role it plays in generating sales ready leads.

What you will learn:

  • How proper email marketing techniques can keep the funnel full
  • More on marketing automation

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