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An Industrial Marketer's Guide to Paid Search Marketing

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Why PPC is Such a Game Changer for Industrial Companies?

Oftentimes, the buying cycle in the industrial sector tends to be over a longer period of time. Because of this, there are numerous opportunities to nurture those customers throughout the buyer’s journey.

Paid search ads can be a highly effective way to drive those conversions when your prospective customers reach the bottom of the funnel. Many companies with longer buying cycles, like those in the industrial sector, are taking advantage of the benefits utilizing paid search can have on their revenue stream. 

This eBook will help you create a roadmap to get started with paid search.

What's Inside

  • PPC for industrial companies explained
  • Key terms to know about
  • The types of paid search
  • Creating your PPC campaign
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Measuring PPC success

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