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With 70% of B2B buyers completing their research online before even reaching out to a potential vendor, it’s important to create the right content for your audience at the right time. A buyer has different motivations at each stage of their buying process and is therefore looking for a variety of resource types at different points in their journey.

Start developing your content with the intention of helping and educating your prospects. Utilize this free Content Planner Worksheet as your guide to mapping out a successful content marketing strategy. Begin with content ideation and brainstorming, organize your finding in one manageable document, and plan your content calendar for the upcoming months. 

What’s Inside:

  • An understanding of how buyers think at each stage of the sales funnel
  • Examples of thought-provoking questions to generate content topics
  • Organization for your content topics & detailed findings
  • Customizable sections to create your own content marketing strategy & calendar

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