Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Top Floor’s Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is committed to driving results. Particularly, we will: educate ourselves and our co-workers on unconscious bias; hold management accountable during the hiring process to include a diverse pool of candidates; participate in community outreach and educational opportunities to make our industry and professional knowledge more accessible to all. We are holding ourselves accountable because we give a shit about actively participating in the social change of our country and world; we hope you do too.


A couple of our members attended an Inclusive Leadership for Managers webinar, and took away important key learnings. For example, modeling the behavior that you would like to see the rest of your employees follow. We’re gathering key takeaways and discussing what we would like to see implemented by our management and ownership teams.

Hiring Process

Website and Job Descriptions Audit: We are going through the website and open job descriptions to include language and images that are more inclusive and representative of our company culture and all backgrounds. 

Language Guidelines: To help with the audit, we are tapping industry leaders and conducting our own research to create a language guideline that can help us articulate and communicate more clearly. For example, this guideline will include words to avoid and the latest trends from Associated Press.

Community Outreach & Events

Social Media Outreach: We are not only holding ourselves accountable internally, but want to be transparent with our audiences about the work we’re doing to make our digital marketing world a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place. A social media plan is in the works with the DE&I committee and Marketing.

In the News: The DE&I committee kicks off our monthly meetings with an open discussion about culture in the news, and this month we’re seeing a rise in hate crimes against Asians (like this sad story of an old man in San Fran). Although some states have laws to protect citizens against hate crimes, it doesn’t help if you are not speaking out and reporting it. Our group is dedicated to finding ways to make our workplace more inclusive by educating ourselves on unconscious biases. Let us know your ideas in the form.

Listen & Learn

To learn more about other cultures, we have taken to the streaming services, books, podcasts, and more. Here are a few recommendations worth plugging into.


  • Coming to America – Eddie Murphy is an African prince who travels to Queens, NY to find love.
  • Crazy Rich Asians – A New Yorker travels to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family.

TV Shows

  • Bling Empire – highlights rich Asians of Beverly Hills culture
  • Sopranos – Italian / mafia culture


  • The Uncomfortable Podcast – Takes a deep dive into the human experience and what it means to be Black in America featuring conversations with guests from every walk of life and industry.

Social Accounts