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Project Overview

Services • SEO | Web Design & Development

Specialty • Manufacturing & Industrial | Wordpress

Wixon approached Top Floor feeling unhappy with how their brand was being perceived by their customers. Being so much more than simply a spice business, Wixon wanted their website visitors to immediately understand their full range of services. By being clear and to the point about their business, Wixon wanted to improve their customer journey on their website with the goal of increasing lead generation.


We launched the planning and discovery phase by conducting a thorough competitor analysis. We took a look at Wixon’s top competitors to identify what was working for them and, equally important, what wasn’t working. From the data we collected, we started at the top of their sales funnel and began to rethink Wixon’s messaging and keywords throughout the entire site.

As a growing and adapting company, Wixon also wanted to push their Flavor Technologies, Nutritional products, and highlight the quality in their work. To guide users through the website and sales journey, our solution was to call out specific pages immediately on the homepage using compelling imagery to grab the users’ attention. Using subtle animations and hover effects, users are more inclined to interact and engage with the content as they continue through the website.

The Website

Wixon homepage Wixon contact us web page Wixon contact us web page Wixon website

Mobile & Tablet Experience

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The Results

In the first year since the launch of their new website, Wixon has seen a tremendous increase in organic search rankings, user experience, conversions, and overall website performance. The organized structure of the website and content gives users a clear path to follow to find information they are looking for. Not only that, but Wixon’s website redesign now portrays them as more than just a spice company – Users view them as a complete food and beverage company. 


We couldn’t be happier with the quality of work, professional customer service, and true web partner that we have found with Top Floor. They have exponentially increased the online value of our brand and provided targeted expertise along the way. I’m happy to say our final site is one that is not only functional for our customers but also incredibly useful and easy-to-use for our business. We would highly recommend the team at Top Floor and look forward to continuing our partnership.

- Becca Henrickson, Marketing Manager

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