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Project Overview

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UbiStor’s website was primarily used by their partners and customers to get an overview of who they are. At the time, UbiStor did not have a proactive sales and marketing plan and had not taken the time to formally develop their brand, resulting in very little user engagement and website leads.

With the help of the Top Floor, UbiStor aimed to better articulate their services and value as well as highlighting their expertise, staff, and capabilities. They wanted their differentiators to be clear and apparent within a few seconds of looking at their homepage. UbiStor also needed the right content and digital channels to position themselves as industry leaders and educators to their partners as well as job applicants.


Based on the goals and opportunities uncovered with UbiStor during the discovery process, Top Floor recommended a mix of tactics aimed to develop and build their brand in the marketplace and support their sales efforts. 

Top Floor worked closely with UbiStor to develop a strategic roadmap that dedicated efforts to setting UbiStor apart from their competitors, educating their partners through a variety of content and making the site personable with real imagery used throughout.

The Website

Ubistor webpage Ubistor webpage Ubistor company webpage Ubistor solutions webpage

Mobile & Tablet Experience

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The Results

UbiStor was able to establish a powerful brand and build their presence in the data recovery space that successfully communicated its vision and capabilities. UbiStor now has a strong branding strategy and a clear position within the market. The reimagined website alongside the newly designed content assets continues to contribute to the success of their sales team and to new business.

Detailed Persona Interviews

The best digital marketing strategies are built upon detailed data. UbiStor’s brand development began with conducting persona interviews to help refine our understanding of the customer’s needs and wants, understand current brand perception, and provide a foundation to develop a focused marketing and sales plan. The feedback we received was critical to building the foundation that helps us determine where to focus efforts, guides product development, and allows for alignment across the organization. 

Ubistor persona quotes
Ubistor logo

Logo Design

To support UbiStor’s brand development, Top Floor led the redesign of the new UbiStor logo. To start, our Design team conducted a competitor logo analysis to analyze the colors, graphical elements and styles, pros, and cons of their three biggest competitors’ logos and branding. The findings from this audit led us in our new direction. Our digital design team incorporated graphic elements into the logo that represent data recovery, protection, and relief in a cohesive union

Content Creation

UbiStor identified a need among their channel partners for more sales support and wanted their channel partners to have easy access to UbiStor’s capabilities, something that could be readily shared with prospects. UbiStor wanted to make sure they were the first one their channel partners thought of when a prospect comes looking for a managed service provider.

Top Floor helped UbiStor identify what types of assets were needed such as whitepapers, sales tools, and sell sheets to show UbiStor’s expertise and help make the channel partner’s jobs easier. We created beautiful templates, consistent with the rebrand and new website. We then developed an email marketing strategy that would get these documents to the right people, at the right time, by creating custom campaigns in a revamped email template. Top Floor built audience segments targeting various channel partners, from technical specialists to account managers and sales representatives. As a result, UbiStor saw a 13% increase in their email open rate and a 7% increase in their click-through rate.

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