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Project Overview

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Rapid Prep has been a long-time search engine optimization (SEO) and hosting client of Top Floor, but a change in their marketing team brought in new ideas and a fresh perspective. Their new Marketing Manager wanted to prioritize a modern website design that reflected the value and experience Rapid Prep brings to the table.

Not only did the client want to build a website with a clean look and feel, but they also wanted to create a better user experience (UX) for their customers. Rapid Prep needed solutions for communicating the variety of industry applications, functionality for multiple product quotes, and instant support for users with their team via LiveChat.


During the discovery process, we identified that the design of the new website was an important priority to Rapid Prep. Based on this need, extensive planning and consideration went into making the design very visually appealing with bold colors and big beautiful imagery. Not only that, but our website design team created the sitemap with specific goals in mind for each page to keep users moving through the site and avoiding page bounces.

Among a variety of new page additions to the website were industry application pages. On Rapid Prep’s previous website each industry and related content lived on a single page, which did not align with SEO best practices. To call more attention to the variety of Rapid Prep’s applications, our web designers built out several industry application pages and layed down the groundwork for our SEO team to optimize the content on those pages.

Our website development team executed additions to product detail pages to include resource downloads, product specifications, model side-by-side comparisons, and recommended products. One of the most unique aspects of the Rapid Prep website is the Quote Cart feature. Our team developed an eCommerce-like functionality that gives users the ability to request a single quote on multiple products at once. To optimize the user experience, we also integrated a LiveChat function, meeting the needs of users that are looking for quick communication with the Rapid Prep team.

The Website

Rapid Prep rentals webpage Rapid Prep Product detail page Rapid Prep Application Page Rapid Prep location webpage

Mobile & Tablet Experience

RapidPrep website on mobile and tablet
green bar graph with marketing metrics

The Results

Together, we delivered a new Rapid Prep website that did more than just look great across all devices. Our expertise in website design and development coupled with Rapid Prep’s extensive industry knowledge created a strategic website solution that positions them as a leader in industrial equipment and attracts and converts visitors into new customers.


We have been working with Top Floor for many years. Most recently, I had a wonderful experience working with the team on the design and implementation of our new website. They understood what we wanted and delivered the vision. They have a team of talented individuals who we will continue to work with.

- Julie LeBeau, Marketing Manager

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Rapid Prep takes an integrated approach to their digital marketing strategy. Their personalized pay-per-click plan drives traffic to their website with the help of the Top Floor’s PPC team monitoring and optimizing their campaigns on a regular basis. The latest campaign revisions focused on keyword, ad copy, and extension updates based on historical performance and search queries. As a result, Rapid Prep saw a 51% increase in paid traffic to their website and a 104% increase in conversions.

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