JFAhern Desktop & Mobile Mockup

Project Overview

Services • Content Marketing | PPC & Digital Advertising | SEO | Web Design & Development

Specialty • Drupal | Manufacturing & Industrial

In our most recent strategy review collaboration meeting with JF Ahern, we identified several new goals that would attribute to the growth of the business. The client was prepared to see rapid traffic growth to three of their Multi-Trade Service pages: Multi-Trade Modular Prefrabication, Building Controls, and Fire Protection & Line Safety. With this in mind, we developed an integrated digital marketing approach to utilize Content, SEO, and PPC in one cohesive strategy.


In order to call more attention to the desired pages, our SEO Specialists conducted an SEO “health check” on each of the focus pages to identify optimization opportunities for calls-to-action, internal linking from relevant blogs, and additional landing page content. These findings outlined our next steps to improve organic traffic to those pages and were also incorporated into JF Ahern’s PPC strategy.

Our PPC Specialists integrated the new keywords identified by the SEO team into campaigns and ad groups created specifically for these service target markets. The team followed this with new ad copy and extensions based on JF Ahern’s top-performing and historical performance – And off they went!

The Website

JF Ahern website homepage JF Ahern building systems webpage JF Ahern about us webpage JF Ahern blog webpage

Mobile & Tablet Experience

JF Ahern Website on mobile & tablet

The Results

Using an integrated digital marketing approach, JF Ahern set their site on one primary goal and fueled their growth through several different channels. Since the launch of this most recent campaign, JF Ahern has seen a rapid increase in traffic (both organic and paid) to the Multi-Trade Modular Prefabrication, Building Controls, and Fire Protection & Line Safety service pages.

As a result, JF Ahern has seen a large influx of conversions and – thanks to the keyword research and ad targeting – quality leads!

Custom Website Development

Top Floor collaborated with JF Ahern to develop a fully responsive website that communicates JF Ahern’s highly specialized capabilities by finding the right balance of content and design without sacrificing SEO.

We created  Focusing on information architecture, we ensured that a number of different users could successfully navigate the site and find the information they needed to have confidence in JF Ahern’s capabilities. Using the CMS (content management system) Drupal, the website could be developed with both users and employees in mind.

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