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Project Overview

Services • PPC & Digital Advertising

Specialty • Manufacturing & Industrial

Long term client, Goodway Technologies turned to Top Floor for help with their PPC account, which was previously held with several other agencies. The manufacturer recognized that they were spending well above average on their cost per lead, and was seeing less than optimal results. With their costs continuing to increase and conversions decreasing, Goodway reached out for our expertise in paid search and manufacturing. 


After taking the time to understand the client’s challenges and goals, our team of specialists opened up the books – so to speak – and took a deep dive into Goodway’s PPC history. We discovered that the prior agencies had failed to set up the ad account with proper structure or targeted keywords. Continuing with our planning and discovery process, we began analyzing the competitive landscape, understanding Goodway’s customers and how they search online, and researching relevant keywords to utilize. 

To prepare for the launch of the reinvented PPC campaigns, we worked closely with Goodway and recommended key content updates to their website that would maximize efforts and dollars spent. To further increase the performance of the ads and to optimize Goodway’s PPC budget, we also needed to understand each product’s seasonal peak to ensure the right product would be advertised during the right time of the year.

Mobile & Tablet Experience

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The Results

Goodway now has a PPC account that is structured by both product and industry to reach the most relevant audience. Our keyword evaluation led us to create new ad text that is more relevant and messaging that speaks specifically to those keywords. 

With a newly structured PPC campaign, relevant targeted keywords, and the proper allocation of budget, Goodway has seen rapid results – But the work doesn’t stop there! Our PPC experts continue to monitor Goodway’s account and collaborate on new ideas that can do more with less. Our open communication with Goodway allows us to make website content suggestions for better user experience and correlating PPC ad performance.

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