FTMaintenance Desktop & Mobile Mockup

Project Overview

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Previously, FTMaintenance had relied on their own resources for web development but, not surprisingly, product development took first priority. As a result, their website development had fallen short, leaving them with a site that was difficult to manage and customize, and that did not convey “an innovative software company” through the generic design. With the anticipated launch of their next generation maintenance management software product, FTMaintenance knew they needed a website that would help them promote the revamped software, meet their sales goals, and improve the company image.


After working with FTMaintenance to get a thorough understanding of their website challenges and goals, our team focused on using content, site structure, and user interface elements to support lead generation and search engine optimization. A content-driven approach that focused on select keywords would provide FTMaintenance customers with useful and educational materials about products and services to establish trust and credibility in the

The Website

Website with manufacturers Screenshot of web page Screen shot of web page Screen shot of web page

Mobile & Tablet Experience

Mobile Tablet Mockup for FTMaintenance
Bar Graph including integrated web accessibility

The Results

Together, we delivered a website that portrays FTMaintenance as a professional, credible, and trustworthy software vendor. Following the content-driven approach, we built out several landing pages targeting different industries of interest, and focused on delivering education by pulling related blogs, case studies, brochure downloads, videos, and ebooks into the applicable pages. 

One of the most notable features of the website is the trio element on the home page that offers solutions to reach executives, maintenance managers, and maintenance technicians. From there, the prominent “Request a Demo” is the focus of each page, assisting in the advancement of each lead through the sales process.

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