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Project Overview

Services • Content Marketing | SEO | Web Design & Development

Specialty • Wordpress

eAchieve Academy was looking for a change and wanted to go with a new agency to rebuild their website. They wanted a website with a fresh look and feel, but equally important they also needed a website that would return results. The search engine optimization (SEO) direction they were given by their last agency was turning out to be counterproductive. About 1,200 web pages and thousands of dollars later, eAchieve soon noticed a decrease in website traffic and organic leads. They knew it was time to turn those numbers around quickly and came to Top Floor for results.


After identifying the gaps and opportunities with eAchieve, we outlined several priorities that needed to be addressed. First and foremost we needed to start at the top of the funnel and expand the awareness of eAchieve Academy. Our SEO Specialists had a lot of content clean-up ahead of them as a result of the previous agency’s wrongful approach to SEO. After conducting our keyword research based on eAchieve’s industry and competitors, we stripped down the previous 1,200 pages to be reorganized and streamlined into the improved navigation and structure of the website.

eAchieve’s second goal was to redefine the perception of online schooling. Throughout the site, but especially on the homepage, our content writers focused on clearly defining what eAchieve Academy is, what makes them unique, what type of student it’s for, and the benefits of choosing eAchieve. We really brought that excitement about online school into every page of the site, pointing out benefits and success stories wherever possible, and created a new way of thinking about education. 

As we moved down the sales funnel, the final goal was to address eAchieve’s website forms. Their users stressed the confusion as to which forms they should be filling out based on their child’s situation. As a solution, our Website Developers created a web form that not only syncs to their On Contact CRM, but walks the user through step-by-step and takes them to 1 of 11 different Thank You pages specific to the information they provided. 

The Website

eAchieve website homepage eAchieve website k-12 courses page eAchieve website for parents page eAchieve website About us page

Mobile & Tablet Experience

eAchieve mobile & tablet
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The Results

Our work together with eAchieve Academy has resulted in an intuitive and easy-to-use website that allows users to easily access comprehensive information about their online school. Moving eAchieve from their former proprietary content management system (CMS) to an open-source CMS like WordPress has given them the freedom to create, customize, and update pages at their leisure using flexible template solutions. 

The research-based design of the website not only positions eAchieve as an online education leader visually but also through the newly developed content that focuses on quality vs. quantity. Each and every page was created with intent for both a better user experience as well as search engine optimization.

ADA Accessibility

Being in the education industry, ADA Accessibility was especially important to eAchieve during this project. We approached this website redesign with a comprehensive checklist that follows all current ADA Website Accessibility best practices. Having this in place throughout each stage of our design and development process ensured accommodation for all users and was used as additional support for overall website engagement.

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