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Project Overview

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Concept Seating was looking for new, robust content management system (CMS) solutions for their website to incorporate marketing content, a dealer portal, and pricing configuration based on dealer login. During this process, they also wanted to address their search engine optimization (SEO) needs.

Most importantly, the Concept Seating website required the right components to convey their brand and messaging, and to demonstrate the ROI to customers.


Working side-by-side with Concept Seating guided our teams to bring their website vision to life. Using the WordPress as their new CMS, we developed a robust and functional dealer login portal unique to specific dealer needs. The bold fonts, colors, and modern imagery conveys the overall look and feel of strong and sturdy branding. Our Web Design and Development teams collaborated with Concept Seating to highlight the ROI of these 24/7 chairs using call-outs on the homepage and a separate “Why Choose Us” page to dive deeper into the educational content. 

Our SEO Specialists approached their strategy with keyword research, focusing on Concept Seating’s target industries. Based on user-intent and competitive keyword gaps, the team then implemented their strategy throughout the website content. When it came to the blog traffic, we initially focused on the top 5-10 ranking blogs and implemented the keyword strategy there as well. As we slowly re-add the remaining relevant blogs, we continue optimizing with internal linking and unique keywords throughout.

The Website

Concept Seating Product Listing Page Concept Seating Product Detail Page Concept Seating Product Detail Login Page Concept Seating Market Detail Page Concept Seating Why Choose Us Page

Mobile & Tablet Experience

Phone & Tablet Mockup for Concept Seating

The Results

Our collaboration with Concept Seating has led to a new website that not only visually represents the brand’s durability, but also integrates their other sales and marketing efforts together! The site is filled with rich, educational content geared towards their specific target markets, and guides visitors through the website funnel. But perhaps the most unique aspect is the backend usability. Concept Seating has the flexibility to add new content and make updates at their leisure, and the dealer portal is customized to meet the needs of their partners when logged in. As a result of our partnership, Concept Seating has seen an increase in quality leads and conversions.

Pay-Per-Click Strategy

Concept Seating’s goal for their PPC campaigns was to hone in on their specific target markets that were looking for high-end quality chairs. They also wanted to promote their unique technology in their Ergo Air Suspension System that separated them from the rest of the competition. They were looking to grow their online presence and establish their brand as one of the only companies in the nation that specialize in just chairs. Their biggest challenge was getting the right customer.

Close-up of a businessman hand holding a smartphone

Pay-Per-Click Results

Our PPC Specialists set up Concept Seating’s Google Ads campaigns to target very specific keywords that would target their audiences looking for chairs in their work environments such as operator chairs, dispatch chairs, or command center chairs. The team also added a new ad group to target Ergonomic chair keywords to promote their unique chair technology/engineering. Although we lost some paid clicks to the site, we saw great improvements in leads/conversions by creating more targeted keywords in the account over time by reaching a more relevant audience.

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