C3 Desktop & Mobile Mockup

Project Overview

Services • SEO | Web Design & Development

Specialty • Manufacturing & Industrial | Wordpress

C³ came to Top Floor about their website redesign with specific goals in mind. Primarily, they envisioned a more interactive website for both their customers and themselves. C³ envisioned an enjoyable user experience (UX) that used clear navigation and workflows to fuel further curiosity. Additionally, this experience would also include an online customer portal that integrated with Salesforce Community to better serve their existing customers.


Based on the goals and the opportunities uncovered with C³ during the discovery process, Top Floor offered recommendations to improve page structure and content organization that would create consistency throughout the site. Each page would be created with a purpose and call-to-action, like targeting users on the homepage who were looking for support for example. To achieve a friendly UX, we incorporated a very modern design with eye-catching imagery and videos, fit for any type of device. The easy-to-use content management system (CMS) gives C³ the opportunity to create and update content at any point to keep the site fresh and current.

The Website

C3 website page C3 Machines website C3 eBook example C3 Careers webpage

Mobile & Tablet Experience

C3 website on mobile & tablet
graph showing marketing metrics

The Results

C³’s newly redesigned website now achieves their goals of being interactive and user-friendly for both their users and themselves. Our Web Developers added several dynamic and interactive components throughout, such as videos, a digital magazine viewer, and number animations to keep users interested and engaged on every page they click to. By adding more visual elements and incorporating team members and company culture into the website, C³’s web presence has been given more life.

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