Big Daishowa Desktop & Mobile Mockup

Project Overview

Services • Content Marketing | SEO | Web Design & Development

Specialty • Drupal | International Solutions | Manufacturing & Industrial

For global brands, managing multiple websites is an enormous responsibility. With manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, BIG DAISHOWA’s global teams started to find it increasingly challenging to communicate to not only their customers but internally between their global marketing teams as well. Managing three separate websites, content, and content management systems was proving to be difficult when it came to keeping the brand unified. With that, they wanted to design and develop a new site with one vision: Simplify.


As a highly reputable brand, our challenge was to simplify BIG DAISHOWA’s existing multi-website structure by consolidating everything under one system. Our goal was to create a revamped design that would streamline communication internally and offer a straightforward user experience to website visitors that aligned with their brand. This large-scale project required several months of planning and strategy to fully grasp the scope of design and development that was needed.

Our Design and Development teams collaborated closely with BIG DAISHOWA’s internal departments to design a website that would simplify their global product catalogs, incorporate multilingual interpretations for product lines, and provide search options for metric/imperial systems. To do this, our team went through every page in-depth to determine how each product and section would relate to one another. Then, our SEO experts developed strategies for both Europe and the United States to identify the types of blogs, industry news, product dimensions, and other content that would be most relevant to each location. To meet the needs of interpreting the content in eight different languages, we partnered with translators native to each country, which offered a human element to the translations rather than automation.

The Website

BIG DAISHOWA Global page screenshot BIG DAISHOWA Detail Product page screenshot BIG DAISHOWA Cutting tools product page screenshot BIG DAISHOWA Documents library page screenshot

Mobile & Tablet Experience

Phone & Tablet Mockup of BIG DAISHOWA
Graph showing big kaiser stats

The Results

BIG DAISHOWA now has a robust, multilingual website housed in one single CMS, bridging the gap between internal communication and content management. As an example, if someone in the US updated a product page, each location would be notified through the CMS, allowing them to maintain translations and avoiding any outdated information on the website. Each of the global marketing teams have the ability to share assets between one another, as well as selecting content they want to show to their specific location.

To incorporate search options for both metric and imperial systems, we implemented categories and filters to the product lines. By adding high-resolution images, product features and benefits, educational videos, and downloadable product documents, customers would be able to immerse themselves in product knowledge.

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