3D Parts Unlimited Desktop & Mobile Mockup

Project Overview

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Specialty • Manufacturing & Industrial | Wordpress

3D Parts Unlimited, a subsidiary of Engman-Taylor Company, was looking to create an independent site focusing on the advantages of 3D printing and how this emerging technology would benefit their customers. By creating a separate website, customers are able to explore 3D Parts Unlimited’s services and capabilities. Also, the site enables new customers to request a quote directly from an industry consultant who can advise on best processes for their needs.


Our task was to make 3D Parts Unlimited brand synonymous with being the leader in the Additive Manufacturing field. Our industry research uncovered that most companies in this emerging field weren’t able to convey a strong sense of brand. Competitors’ websites provide an uneven balance between capabilities and educating the customers. Therefore, creating content that was clear and concise proved to be a challenge. We decided to focus on what proved to be most pertinent. We built the brand around a strong emphasis on education and the capabilities this technology can produce now and in the future for customers’ projects.

The Website

3D Parts Unlimited quote webpage 3D Parts Unlimited materials page 3D Parts Unlimited industries webpage 3D Parts Unlimited blog page 3D Parts Unlimited case studies web page

Mobile & Tablet Experience

3D Parts Unlimited website on tablet and phone
green bar graph with marketing language

The Results

Engman Taylor, as 3D Parts Unlimited, was able to establish a powerful brand presence in the additive manufacturing space that successfully communicated its vision and capabilities. 3D Parts Unlimited now has a strong branding strategy and a clear position within the market. The new website alongside the newly found digital presence continues to help contribute to new business with top manufacturers looking to utilize this emerging technology.

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