Why You Should Consider Good Digital Creatives Over Excessive Content


How many of you, as of late, began surfing through more channels daily? I know I have. When it comes to social channels, news channels, and much more, I am constantly seeing businesses creatives – better known as advertisements. It is important now, more than ever to consider the effect our business’s creatives have on those of other businesses.

What is digital creative marketing?

For instance, being drawn to an advertisement visually is different from an image with a sales pitch overlay. This is the first impression our creative marketing is making. New graphic design, limited content, and eye-catching visuals set the tone for successful user acquisition. When imagining a creative, consider the following Venngage catalog tips:

  1. A Muted Color Palette
  2. Color Gradients
  3. Abstract Illustrations
  4. Heavy, but Simple Fonts
  5. Flowing Lines & Shapes
  6. Genuine & Authentic Stock Photos
  7. Minimalist Website Landing Pages
  8. Better Branded Animations

These visual design tips are not strictly for graphic designers, creative marketing agencies or based on the ‘new in’ creative approach. These trends are to understand how your business can revise, revamp, and restore your current creatives.

I understand digital creatives in some industries are more difficult to create. However, visuals paired with content can go a long way. For instance, interactive designs and creatives are a technique all businesses can take advantage of, not just creative marketing agencies. Consider these UI/UX trends from UX Collective:

  • Micro-interactions – Interactions that encourage a hover or click to animate and then open the link.
  • Animated illustrations – Illustrations in video marketing with little content.

  • Asymmetric layouts – Layouts that stand-out because symmetry is our default.
  • Visual storytelling – Storytelling using video marketing to describe your processes.


These UI/UX trends surround video, and the power of video marketing moving farther into 2021. We urge visual creatives on almost all our clients’ sites, as well as social platforms.

Digital creatives are effective, but the language used in tandem is what encourages businesses to want more. Oftentimes, directing content towards those interested in purchasing your products or services is lost. Content typically focuses on projects or promoting a campaign.

Creative content cannot be restricted towards promoting campaigns, it should keep up with trends, industry changes, competition, and much more. If our content surrounds what is going on, and not what we are promoting, then the user’s engagement begins to increase.

We urge you to become creative, think outside the box, and understand what attracts other businesses towards your business. If you are having trouble revamping your site, social media, or content creatives do not hesitate to reach out. We are a creative marketing agency that will bring the creativity out of your business! Get in touch with us today.