Why SEO & Website Optimization Matters During COVID-19

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During these bizarre times, I want to stress the importance of why SEO matters. Website optimization not only allows a company to reinforce their yearly goals, calls-to-action, improve user experience, and ultimately reassess copy, but it ultimately provides lasting results that can assist in increasing website traffic. Right now, website searching, inquiring, and browsing has become the norm due to schools sending kids home, businesses going mobile, only essential items being sold, and trying to remain informed. That’s why taking the time to optimize all aspects on your website should be considered. I have outlined a few reasons below as to why SEO and website optimization matters during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Why Push SEO Now?

Currently, we are seeing that most companies are pausing their once ran paid campaigns. This paid component of digital marketing is an important step toward drawing users to each individual site. However, with these pauses, come an immense amount of opportunity. Figure out how to optimize your organic search to draw users in and take the time now to reevaluate your paid campaigns, so when they are back up and running, they are cohesive with your organic messaging.

Google wants to see that you have taken time to cite, optimize, and remove content that clutters the overall flow of the page. Internal linking allows for less information on individual pages but brings the user through a series of pages that answer all their questions, and result in purchasing, or requesting additional information.


How Yearly Goals Can Be Pushed Through SEO Efforts

The question of why SEO matters is continually asked. The longevity of SEO is consistently evolving your websites overall optimization. For instance, keywords fluctuate in ranks, and continue to draw website traffic. With this, yearly goals can be reassessed. If a keyword should drive more traffic, if a conversion point should be reevaluated, and if during the current recovery period shifts must be made to properly allow your website to organically serve.


Look at Your Site as a User

SEO allows us more insight into what would make users experience enhanced. How do we ensure user experience is accounted for, you may ask? Well, understanding the natural flow of the user’s eyes is left to right across a page. This is crucial for the order of the main navigation, calls-to-action, product linking on industry application pages, and so on. To understand website optimization, you must understand those who will be using the website.

Similarly, thinking about the users need for guidance within the copy incorporated on each page. You should ensure that you are answering whatever possible question a user could have on the page, if it can fit in the space you have allotted for content. Understand that anything you put out there is an extension of your company, and thus, you should research and ensure all your information is accurate and up to date.


Where Has Your Site Been Lacking?

Websites have become hubs during the current pandemic. What I mean is there is an increase in overall search keywords, but less are inclined to purchase products right now. It is important to remember that just because individuals are not purchasing product, they are still at least inquiring. By continually enticing the user, you are remaining top of mind, and giving them a suggestion when economically they can afford to purchase one of your products.


What to Takeaway From Current Searches

Individuals are searching for information that even in an economic crunch, they are still willing to consider. Looking into these overall searches, and why your company came up organically will provide insight into copy that could be added, what you are ranking for, but don’t want to be ranking for, and the type of inquiries that will remain consistent during unprecedented circumstances.


While these are only a few of the reasons why SEO matters, they are vitally important during this time. We encourage you to look at your website through a different perspective, to make changes to enhance the user experience, and to make changes to reinforce the goals you have set for your company. At Top Floor we pride ourselves in continuing our education and knowledge on the importance of website optimization, and we encourage you to do the same. If you have any questions on search engine optimization, feel free to reach out to us!