5 Basic Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Website

Design & Development

Do you have a responsive website?

More than 50% of all searches were done on mobile devices last year. With an increasing amount of web traffic coming in from different sources, it is essential that your website is optimized for usage to improve you user-experience and functionality.

Does your website convey what you do?

So your website is mobile-friendly – great! But what if someone visits it and can’t figure out how to quickly find out what products and services you provide? We guarantee they will go elsewhere. For example, if an engineer or someone in a specialty field comes to your website looking for a very specific part to a machine, will they quickly be able to find what they need? Does your website support CAD software? Is your company international? The bottom line is to make sure you are clear in your messaging and providing easy to understand examples of what you do.

Are you attracting the right customers? What about the right talent? How is your messaging?

Content marketing is the new digital advertising. Your target audience is tired of ads. They want something more challenging, interesting, and worthwhile. You want to present content that will make your audience a better them. The content has to be digestible information, whether it’s presented in the form of an article, a blog post, online quiz, downloadable template, an infographic, video, memes, or whitepapers. This content gives the user a better understanding of your company and your approach, which allows them to qualify themselves before they reach out. If you want to learn more – read a blog entirely dedicated to this topic here.

Are you making it easier for them?

Your customers or potential customers are looking for information about products quickly. When someone needs a specific product, and you provide it, what are you doing to make it known to that person? It’s more than just listing the product on your website (of course that’s important too); but having a full strategy including multiple channels for your customers to find you gives you a better opportunity to be found.

What could you be doing better?

Companies with a clear marketing plan that regularly measure their efforts see 60% faster growth than those without a marketing plan. Maybe it’s time to consider all of your options when it comes to marketing.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’d love to walk you through the process. Contact us today!