Website Content – Why Less is More


Writing for the web is a completely different animal than writing for a publication, so to begin, take everything you thought you knew about writing, and toss it out the window…

Give the People What they Want: Most people come to a Website searching for the answer to a specific question, or looking to accomplish a task — and they certainly don’t want to read through twenty gigantic paragraphs searching for information that may not even be there. Do this to your visitors and they will either: A. skim the page for five seconds and leave or B. instantaneously leave. Translation: having too much content will make visitors leave your site! Less is more people, less is more.

Cutting Things Down to Size: So to start with, take a good look at your website. Ask yourself “what information are people really coming to my Website for, and how easy is it to find that information?” Now, take a look at your content. Anything not relevant to a visitor’s quest for information is only getting in the way and is decreasing the likelihood that the visitor will stay on your site, much less return. The solution? DELETE IT. Once you have done this to your entire website, take your new and improved content…and cut it in half. I realize this may seem drastic (especially to those people out there who pride themselves in turning a paragraph of information into a full-blown novel) but it is essential to remove any unnecessary content if you want your website to be effective. So, chop, chop – literally.