How Web Development Budgets Impact Value



Very often, we are being asked “why does this website cost that much”.  Here are a number of factors that come into play during the web development process, which could significantly affect your budget and turnout.

Behind the Scenes – Planning & Discovery Phase

Every web project starts from a discovery session focused on learning your user persona, products/services and the way your customers interact with your website. By developing wireframes and sitemap, our creative team will implement the designs that reflect your brand images without sacrificing a user-friendly online experience. Quite frankly, it is difficult to determine what the ultimate impact would be. But needless to say, the more time one is given to work through how the website plays in your marketing plan as a whole and consider the user experience up front, the stronger the user experience is likely to be.

The Details -Design Phase

Every design element, such as buttons, drop shadows around images, rounding of edges and rollovers, would all largely affect your budget. The more time can be invested in determining how to present the information, the better customer experience and higher conversion rate you will achieve. With a robust budget, our designer would create multiple concepts for specific pages. Instead of just providing design mocks for the main navigation pages, our team can take a deep dive and customize all of the pages to insure they reflect the look and feel of your brand.

Development Phase

There are a number of things that can be done to reduce your development budget.

  • Straight-forward designs:The more repetitive and straight-forward the design is, the easier it is to code and develop.
  • The number of content segmentation: The more complex your content segmentations are, the larger your budget will be. For example, the development of a simple FAQ page may take an hour or less. However, if you’re looking for the functionality to categorize FAQs by specific subjects, the development team would need more time on the destination page and backend control for future maintenance and updates.
  • Backend Maintenance Control: When budgets allow, the developer can create controls in the backend to manage each element of a given page, which allows administrators to update content without worrying about the original formatting. Otherwise, the admin may need to have strong coding skills to make regular updates.

Pre-launch – Quality Assurance & Testing

The larger the budget, the more time can be devoted to quality assurance and testing throughout the project. While this may require more time in the original budget, it can drastically reduce the time invested in fixes after launch and insure a higher quality product.

Be Visible – Search Engine Optimization Efforts

SEO is more than just simply selecting keywords and filling out page titles and mega descriptions. Allocating a part of your budget to optimize your site architecture within the overall search marketing strategy can make a huge difference in sites ability on search engines.


photo courtesy of gettyimages