Want Customers to See Your New Site? Send an Email Blast



Last April, we redesigned Industrial Vacuum‘s website with improved site layout and navigation. After the site launch, Industrial Vacuum came to us and started a question, “how do we let our current customers and potential leads know what’s new about our site?” Good question. If people are not even aware of the new opportunities available for them, what’s the point of your work? To help Industrial Vacuum we planned, designed and sent an email campaign using Campaign Monitor. The email was hugely successful in opens and click throughs. There also ended up being a surprise increase in leads from their site after the eblast.  If your company is also working on an eblast, there are several things you should incorporate. Here are a few of the key considerations to make when sending an eblast:

1) More graphics, less copy

Extensive research has proved that people are more likely to read when visual elements are presented together with text, such as graphics, audio and video. In this case, we applied helpful graphics along with concise copy to provide readers a quick update of the new features of the website, including improved site-navigation, e-commerce and expanded equipment rental options.

A quick update of the new functions available

2) Call To Action Links

Eblast not only plays a role as a message carrier, but also as an initiator for readers to make actions. For instance, when users click the three icons above:

  • Visit Store – guided users to the e-commerce area, where they can quickly locate and purchase the vacuum parts and accessories they are looking for
  • Visit Rental – showed users an expanded array of rental opportunities, including Industrial Vacuums and Dust Collectors
  • Visit Site – highlighted the enhanced layout and navigation of the new website

We also suggest several other cost-effective ways to share your new website with your customers:

  • Reference your website as much as your can; have your URL printed on all stationery and business cards
  • Distribute a press release about your site launch to local media and industry publications
  • Make an announcement of your site launch at a conference or local event, such as manufacturer trade shows
  • Add your website link to your employees’ email signatures

There are many other things to consider when sending an email to your customers or prospects, but hopefully the suggestions above will help you with your next blast. Happy emailing!