Virtual SEO Customer Engagement: Looking Back on 2020 Initiatives

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Are you an SEO customer of an online marketing agency? Has 2020 changed the way in which you can be hands-on in your marketing strategy? Well, same here.

We’ve found that our virtual customer engagement is a bit more difficult due to the distance, and lack of in-office meetings. Luckily, we had processes in place pre-2020 that would allow a virtual customer engagement method to succeed. So, you’re probably wondering what we had in place for existing and new SEO customers pre-2020 and post-2020.

I’m here to break down our process and how it has stayed the same due to preemptive measures or altered slightly to accommodate for social distancing.

Some examples include:

  • Our online onboarding process,
  • Our consistent video (ZOOM) meeting routines,
  • Our reporting transparency,
  • Our urgency to identify issues before identified by customers,
  • Finally, our follow-up on our services

For starters, our onboarding process begins with us producing a strategy for our PPC, social, content, website re-design, or SEO customer. Based on this strategy, we will have a kick-off meeting. These kick-off meetings begin our process of setting up accounts, providing insight on information not yet known to the clients, and receiving important information about our client’s industry. The kick-off really serves as the “get to know you” stage.

This process is typically pretty quick – about a month. One of the most important things we think about is customer engagement and keeping that strong throughout the onboarding process, as well as into the working relationship.

Due to the pandemic and all of the changes 2020 has created, this onboarding process has changed a little bit. We are still doing everything we can to keep engagement high and virtually meeting with customers to develop a strategy and kick-off their online marketing services.

But How Do You Have Face-to-Face Meetings Virtually?

This might not surprise you at all, but virtual customer engagement is crucial because it shows that we care about our PPC, social, content, website re-design, or SEO customers. One major change we have implemented is to integrate ZOOM into our meeting process to encourage our customers, and our employees to show their faces on camera (though a bit intimidating at first, we’re pretty used to it now). When virtually meeting it is nice to look through your screen and see a smiling face looking back at you, resulting in you knowing the face of the person responsible for your services.

Our virtual customer engagement altered slightly considering we used Go-To-Meeting before for virtual meetings. We chose to instead move to a platform that incorporates our faces, as well as audio and sharing screen components. This is not only fun for us to see our coworkers and has really helped with company culture, but offers us the experience of getting to know new customers and catching up with those we have known for quite some time.

What’s Next?

So, what happens after our onboarding process is complete? We then go into routine monthly initiatives geared towards our initial strategy. These initiatives allow us to identify those sections of the website that need further optimization and adjustments. Upon finding changes, we provide transparency to our clients to adjust our initial strategy. Our virtual customer engagement always allows us access.

We provide our clients with monthly updated data reports which provide either year-over-year data or month-over-month data based on the longevity of Google reporting script being on the site. As an online marketing agency, we understand the importance of how metrics can provide insight into our implemented strategies.

So, why is this all so important? Well, virtual customer engagement is more important now than it ever was before. All our PPC, social, content, website re-design, or SEO customers deserve transparent reports, that show how our initiatives are improving the overall quality of the site.

We would encourage you, now more than ever to consider an online marketing agency to promote your business’s mission virtually. Top Floor is a digital marketing agency that will provide you will all the above reporting techniques and transparency. Contact us if you are interested in one, or all of our digital marketing strategies. If you’re not sure where to start, we are offering free digital marketing strategy planning sessions for 2021. You’ll sit down with one of our experts to discuss your road map and come up with some tangible ideas to make your plan the best it can be. Get in touch with us today!