Keeping a Personal Touch Virtually at Top Floor

Company Culture

With millions of Americans working from home these days, keeping a personal touch in the [remote] workplace can be difficult. This is why Top Floor utilizes engaging ways to maintain a happy and healthy virtual company culture. Whether you’re a client of ours wanting to instill these practices in your own company or a prospective employee looking to see how we operate, I can assure you that Top Floor should be the poster child for virtual company culture in a digital world.

Maintaining A Personal Touch

From daily meetings to virtual happy hours, Top Floor does virtual company culture right. The following are just a few of the many ways that Top Floor reminds us that they give a shit about their employees, clients, and the work we do.

  1. High-Five Award. Every Monday morning, the Top Floor team gets together on a virtual call to discuss what is going on in the week ahead. At the end of this meeting, an employee gives a fellow teammate the High-Five Award, which celebrates that employee’s achievements from the past week in relation to one, or multiple, of our core company values. It’s an awesome way for the entire company to get a glimpse into the day-to-day successes of each department.
  2. Beer Club. The Top Floor version of a virtual happy hour is Beer Club, which happens every Thursday at 4 pm. Beer Club presents the opportunity for employees to unwind from their day, talk about anything with their peers, and crack open a cold one. Some weeks we play games, some we do show-and-tells, and others we just chat. It’s the best way to wind down from a long week.
  3. Funny Videos or Jokes. To keep spirits high and bellies full of laughter, a member of our team shares a funny video or joke every morning in our daily check-in meetings. These are the kind of meetings where you come for the updates but stay for the SNL skits and digital marketing jokes.
  4. Communication via Slack. Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger and hello Slack! Not only does Top Floor use Slack on a daily basis for communication purposes, but this tool also gives us friendly reminders when it’s an employees’ birthday (see below), when it’s a good time to get up and stretch, or when we may have forgotten to submit our timesheets. Slack keeps us connected on a daily basis when we can’t physically shout across an office to see how your colleagues are doing.

Join Our Growing Team

If you aren’t feeling fulfilled with your work or you’re not vibing with the people you work for, then hop on over to Top Floor because we’d love to have you! Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss open employment opportunities.

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