Using Ad Customizers In Google Ads For Improved Performance


Everyone who has ever touched a Google Ads account wants to write the perfect ad. The ad that would be one that convinces the user to click their ad over their competitors, that results in a higher click-through rate (CTR) and ultimately results in a higher return on ad spend (ROAS). So what does that ad look like? What’s the magical formula? One of my favorite things about PPC – and also the most frustrating thing about PPC, is that there is no answer for that. It depends on the industry, trial and error, what the user is searching for and expecting, and what the business can actually deliver. However, there is one technique that Top Floor has been utilizing over the last period of time that has shown to help campaigns and accounts across all kinds of industries and that is using ad customizers to write ads.

What Are Ad Customizers

From Google: “Ad customizers adapt your text ads to what someone is searching for, which device they’re using, where they’re located, or even the date, time of day, or day of the week.” The idea is to make the ads personally tailored to each user’s situation by showing phrases in ad copy specific to them. In our experience writing with ad customizers improve the following metrics:

  • CTR – the user feels more confident in your ad because it speaks directly to their situation so they are more likely to click it.
  • Quality Score – because ads are being clicked at a higher rate than before, Google awards the account with a higher quality score.
  • Conversions – because the quality score is higher and more users are clicking ads, there will be more traffic for the same cost or the same audience pool that will have opportunities to convert

Examples of Ad Customizers

Ad customizers can show all sorts of data and they can fit in almost anywhere in the ad. You can mention what day it is in a headline, a sale price for a certain item that is searched for in the description, or even a brand name in the URL path. The example we have found to be the most effective at Top Floor is by adding the user’s location in the ad copy. Check out the ad below.

Ad Example

This ad would show to a user when searching for a related keyword and if they were in Arizona. We currently have this ad set up for all 50 states. Another great benefit of this is that Google Ads shows reports and data on which states showed in which ads and data and metrics at a state level. We can then use that to better target users or adjust budgets based on if one state is outperforming or underperforming others.

What are the results?

To analyze the results of implementing these ads we looked at our client’s biggest campaign and looked at a 6 month period after implementing the ads. The below graph shows the conversion rate and CTR data through that time period. In summary, the CTR for this campaign increased by 74% and the conversion rate increased by 345%.

Line Graph

We can’t often point to one change to an account and attribute it to all of the performance changes, but we definitely attribute a lot of the success of the last few months to updating the ads with ad customizers. Telling the user that this company serves their needs at a personal level resulted in a higher level of engagement seen through a higher CTR and other metrics that followed such as conversion rate. We definitely recommend giving ad customizers a try for your company’s efforts to get that much closer to writing that perfect ad.

If you’d like more information on using ad customizers please contact us or check out our website.