Tracking Local Listings In Google Just Got A Whole Lot Easier


Until recently, business owners have been kept in the dark on how their site ranks within Google’s map results, or “map pack”. So if users are adding their location to the front of their search query, like “New Berlin Pizza”, finding your ranking for searches like that were problematic because they’ve been considered map listings rather than organic listings. Tracking your rankings for localized results is in the dark no more.

The Change to Google’s Localized Search Results

Google recently made a significant update to how they display local search results and named it Place Search.  The main takeaways with this update is that for queries that are location-based there is now a more integrated blend between organic results and what used to be called ‘Map Pack’ results. The evidence can be most strikingly seen with the movement of the map from the main search result page over to the right column, above the paid ad.  In addition, the map scrolls with you, covering up the paid ads as you scroll down.

Positive Side Effect: Tracking

For a long time it has been extremely difficult to track your position in the old ‘Map Pack’.  It is not such a big issue if you have a handful of retail outlets, but for a firm or a business with 20, 50, 100’s, or 1,000’s of locations to monitor it was next to impossible.  Now we can begin monitoring the rankings of the local results.

Tools Needed

Here at Top Floor Technologies, we provide B2B internet marketing to a variety a different businesses.  As such we have a lot of tools at our disposal. We have noticed that not all of the keyword tracking tools will currently pick up on this, but there is one that currently does.  It is the Rank Checker Add-on for Firefox from the SEO Book, you can find it here.