Top Floor Adds Three New Owners

Company Culture

We are very excited to announce the addition of three managing members to our agency’s ownership. Jim Bernthal, Top Floor’s Founder and CEO announced the distribution of ownership to the leadership team, Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Among the leaders is Chad Spaude, Justin Kerley, and Sarah Kloth, who will lead day-to-day operations, business development and technology advancements.

Jim, Sarah, Chad and Justin - New owners at Top Floor

From left to right: Jim Bernthal, Sarah Kloth, Chad Spaude and Justin Kerley


The promotion of these three leaders to Managing Directors at Top Floor is in recognition of their dedication to growing the company, their commitment to providing real results for clients over the past several years, and adopting the agency’s brand promise of “Developing Digital Marketing Solutions that Elevate Results.”

“Bringing the leadership team on as co-owners is just another example of how dedicated hard-working associates with the right attitude continue to advance their careers at Top Floor,” says Bernthal. “These individuals are remarkable leaders who have been responsible for a great portion of our success over the last few years. I’m confident they will ensure that Top Floor continues to lead the way in our ongoing evolution.”

Justin Kerley, the new Managing Director of Client Services and Finance, will lead the team responsible for building and refining digital marketing services and will continue to manage financials for Top Floor.

As the Managing Director of Operations, Chad Spaude will be responsible for running the day to day operations of Top Floor’s projects, ensuring that each client engagement is a success and overseeing all project-based work.

Sarah Kloth, the new Managing Director of Marketing Strategy, will lead the team responsible for developing innovative strategic solutions for its clients and will continue to direct the sales and marketing strategy for Top Floor with the proven approach she currently brings to clients.

“We are excited for the opportunity to lead our agency into the future while continuing to provide the same level of dedication and service to our clients that Jim and Vicki Bernthal set out with 20 years ago” comments Justin, Chad, and Sarah.

Top Floor will continue to focus on the agency’s ongoing commitment to deliver result-driven digital marketing solutions to help businesses exceed their growth goals.

Join us in congratulating them!