Top B.L.U.E. Committee

Company Culture

One of Top Floor’s primary focus is our people. We believe we cannot help our clients if we cannot help ourselves. We strive to facilitate an environment where people actually want to wake up and come to work. We work well together because we spend time together. But this doesn’t just happen because we think it sounds nice. Top Floor has an employee engagement committee that is an employee-driven group with the goal of improving our culture and enhancing the experience of working at Top Floor.

Top B.L.U.E. is a committee that works to create events ad surveys for employees to further the company culture. Curious what B.L.U.E. stands for? It stands for Badass Leaders Unifying Employees. There has been a committee around since the beginning of Top Floor in 1999 but it was renamed to Top B.L.U.E. in 2018. Since then, we have created new events that have brought the team closer, new Slack channels that are goofy/unique to common interests, and an overall great atmosphere for current/future employees.

Top B.L.U.E. meets biweekly with a team of six members to discuss new events or surveys to bring to life. The current team is constructed of Chad Spaude, Tyler Lance, Sophia Zey, Martha Herdendorf, and Emily Bandt.

Top B.L.U.E. Events

Top B.L.U.E. has put on a variety of different events, whether it is a celebration for those on the team or just to mix up the work week and have some fun. I’ve listed some of those events below to showcase the array of events that Top B.L.U.E. has put together over the years:

  • Surprise Baby/Bridal Showers
  • PowerPoint Parties (Google it and you will want to have your own)
  • Beer Club (weekly social event)
  • Brewers Games
  • Kickball Tournaments
  • And many more events

These events have helped bring the team closer together over the years and we have continued them to the best of our ability through the switch of working from the office to working remotely over the past year. It has been challenging, but the creativity of Top B.L.U.E. has made the events that are put together even more special to the team.

Top B.L.U.E. Surveys

We value our team’s opinions and ideas. To offer easy and anonymous ways for everyone to share their thoughts, Top B.L.U.E. creates a variety of surveys for the team to gauge where everyone stands on potential changes or even ways that the Management could do better. Some of these surveys are sent out quarterly, while others depend on the topic of the survey. We’ve listed some of the surveys that we send out below:

  • Quarterly Company Survey
  • Workplace Questionnaire
  • Event Ideas Survey
  • And many more surveys

These surveys have helped us continue to grow and improve the company culture over time.

What’s next for Top B.L.U.E.?

As we start to transition back to in-person events, Top B.L.U.E. is working on setting up some fun team events including the following:

  • Beer Garden team gathering
  • Brewers Game
  • Spring cleaning
  • And many more events


If you’re looking for a workplace that truly makes an effort to focus on company culture, we’d love to have you join our team! Top Floor is always looking for different ways to grow and would love to hear what has worked well for you.