Top 5 Reasons Why Your B2B Content Strategy is Failing

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When it comes to content marketing, there are five common critical mistakes businesses are making that’s causing their B2B content strategy to fail.

1. You’re Using Multiple Content Types, but Never Mastering One – With the Grand Content Push, businesses are in the mindset that more is better, so they push as many content types out to their audience as possible (videos, webcasts, E-Newsletters, website blogging, etc.). Big Mistake. Their audience is confused, overwhelmed and flustered.

Eventually, this makes the audience feel like they can’t keep up – that they’re failing. Nobody wants to feel like they’re failing, so they get their information somewhere else – somewhere they feel safe and well-informed without being overwhelmed.

Takeaway: Start slowly by mastering ONE content type – build your audience there. Never try to master every content type at once – you won’t succeed unless you have an entire army of expert content marketers behind you.

2. You’re Using Multiple Delivery Platforms – Using multiple delivery platforms (YouTube, LinkedIn, Email, etc.) confuses your audience. They do not want to (or should have to) go looking for your latest piece in their email, then on your website, then on YouTube, and so on & so forth. They should know, without a doubt, where your content is coming from or where it is available to find.

Takeaway: Be reliable. Your audience trusts you to provide your content in the same place consistently. Don’t confuse or frustrate them, or you will lose them.

3. You’re Not Consistent & Diligent – This all starts with creating your content calendar and scheduling content creation, distribution and promotion assets within it. If you are not a disciple of your content calendar, you will lose your audience and their trust.

Your audience relies on your content being available at a certain frequency. If you do it correctly, your audience likely plans their day around engaging in your content.

Takeaway: It doesn’t matter if you distribute content 1x day, 1x week or 1x month, stay consistent!

4. You’re Not on Time’s Side – Time of content distribution matters – once you build an audience, they will get in the habit of engaging with your content at…say 10:30 AM every Tuesday. Throw a wrench in their schedule by suddenly sending a piece of content at 3:30 PM (or any other non-scheduled day/time) and you will frustrate (and inevitably lose) your audience.

Give your audience an opportunity to start scheduling time in their day to regularly and reliably engage with your content.

Takeaway: Dropping focus or being lazy about content distribution consistency will lose the audience you’ve worked so hard to build and will eventually result in failure.

5. You’re Expecting Overnight Miracles – If you do all of the above, realize success is still not achieved overnight. It takes dedication to the cause and time to build a loyal audience. Depending on the level of B2B content marketing you’re doing, results could take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, but, when done right, the effect is astronomical!

Takeaway: Build great content that helps your audience and do it consistently, through 1 content type and one delivery platform. You will build and grow a large pool of loyal, sales prospects and customers who trust and respect your expertise.

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