The True Value of Your B2B Website

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Hearing a business say “Our customers don’t go to our website, we get them through referrals” is a tough pill to swallow as a marketer. Unfortunately, we hear this all too often, but what this tells me is that they’re not looking at the data. Your B2B website is so much more than just an online brochure – It’s one of the most valuable weapons in your marketing arsenal. The majority of B2B buyers are already 57% of the way through the purchasing process before ever meeting with a representative. That means that your potential customers are interacting and engaging with your website long before they reach out to a member of your team. Your B2B website is playing a critical role in a prospect’s first impression of your business. 

75% of people base a business’s credibility on its website. Think of it as a virtual store-front. If your business’s website is not up to par, you could be losing out on new customers. Take a moment to put that in terms of dollars and cents. If you bring in 3 million each year, there’s a potential of $750,000 that you’ve missed out on because your website is outdated. If your business’s website doesn’t fully reflect your brand, you could be losing out on a few vital things.


Increased Visibility

Word of mouth can only go so far. For any B2B company, it’s not enough to simply have an online presence – you need to be found. When set up correctly throughout your website, search engine optimization (SEO) has the ability to push your site in front of your buyers organically when they are searching. For a better understanding of how powerful an SEO-structured website can be, take a look at our client case study for Industrial Vacuum. By developing a landing page specifically for their target audience and creating content to promote that page, Industrial Vacuum was able to rank #1 for any search related to silica dust control – Even outranking OSHA! 


Your Best Salesman

Your website works 24/7/365 by providing content and information to visitors wherever and whenever they need it, and engages them without taking up your resources and manpower. Having the ability to guide prospects through the sales funnel is where the true value really comes into play.  When positioned at the top of the sales funnel, your B2B website can leverage useful content to drive lead generation for your business and nurture website visitors through the funnel to the purchasing stage. 


Detailed Analytics 

Take a look at some of your basic website data with Google Analytics, especially if you’ve caught yourself saying “Our customers don’t go on our website”. Even a general overview can give insights into how many users are visiting, where they’re coming from, and what they’re doing on your website. There are many SEO tools out there that can give you really detailed numbers. The nearly endless analytics available can tell you:

  • Traffic by city
  • Traffic compared over time
  • How long users spend on a page
  • How far down a page users are going
  • How high your site is ranking on search engines
  • How high your competitors’ sites are ranking
  • Keywords you and your competitors rank for
  • Search terms used to search for your business
  • How many times your company is being searched per month 
  • How many times a form was filled out
  • How many times a PDF was downloaded
  • What time of day the pdf was downloaded
  • And much, much more!

Truly, the list goes on and on. For more insights on reporting, check out the article one of our Digital Marketing Specialists, Emily wrote: 6 Handy Google Analytics Reports.


The True Value

The true value of your B2B website boils down to the numbers. One of the largest concerns and hesitations businesses have about investing in their digital marketing strategies is the return on investment. However, calculating your ROI can be broken down into a simple formula:


Let’s say you’re looking to invest $10,000 into your digital strategy over the next six months. Through research, it’s identified that you have the potential to reach 15,000 website visitors in that time. If you typically have a 2% website conversion rate, that’s an opportunity for 300 new leads. Now, if you also know that you close 10% of your leads, you’d have 30 new customers over the next six months. Multiplied by your average customer value, less the $10,000 investment and you’re looking at $1.79M in ROI.


Ready to Upgrade From That Brochure?

As your business grows, so does your website. Investing in your website is the best thing to do to aid this success. When you partner with the right web development company, your site has the ability to move visitors through the sales funnel and quickly generate sales leads and revenue.

If you are considering redesigning your website to generate leads and elevate results, let’s strategize. Our team is ready to set you up for success!