The Basics of Conducting a Social Media Audit

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If you’re utilizing social media to market your business and engage with customers, then you should be auditing your social media accounts on a regular basis. To get specific, it’s recommended that conducting a social media audit should happen on a quarterly basis.

The Basics of Conducting a Social Media Audit

  • Identifying what’s working and what’s not- When doing this, take a look at your KPIs and what social metrics contribute to them. For example, if you want to improve your engagement across the board, then you’ll want to take note of which posts and on what platforms your business is receiving the most comments, reactions, and shares. This deep dive gives you an honest look at what efforts are proving successful and what tactics might need some tweaking.
  • Creeping on your competitors to see what they’re doing- Everyone loves a little healthy competition, and this isn’t meant to steal what your competitions are doing but rather gain perspective on what trends are popular with other businesses in your industry. If there’s a hot trend in your industry, then you might want to join the pack and utilize that trend in a unique way that makes your business stand out.
  • Seeing what accounts need to be refreshed- Pictures, business hours, and descriptions of your business can change periodically, and identifying which profiles have outdated content will tell you where to make changes. Reviewing the content across all platforms will also encourage you to keep your branding consistent. For example, having your business’ logo as the profile picture and similar messaging in the “About” section will help followers recognize your business easier and trust your business more.
  • Discovering new opportunities for growth- Social media changes at the drop of a hat, so there might be new features that have been introduced that you could be utilizing in your efforts. It’s beneficial to be “in the know” of what’s going on, especially on social, so discovering new things for your business to try on different platforms should be exciting.

Although the basics of conducting a social media audit are insightful, the reasons why you would want to conduct a social media audit are what we’re really here for today.


Why Would You Want to Conduct a Social Media Audit?

There are a variety of reasons as to why your business should conduct a quarterly social media audit, but our top favorites include:

  • Increased engagement- Performing a social media account audit will expose the strengths and weaknesses of your efforts, which can then be turned into enhancements or updates moving forward.
  • Demonstrating consistency- Brand recognition is HUGE on social media, especially for businesses because you only have a few seconds to captivate your audience and hopefully gain new customers. Going through each of your accounts will help you decide what type of messaging should be consistent across all platforms.
  • Competitor analysis- Dedicating the time to performing a social media account audit will force you to see what your competitors are doing and understand how you can apply, or stay away from, their practices.
  • Save money- As we all know, it costs money to advertise on social media. With an audit, you can uncover possible overspending on any underperforming initiatives or platforms that will help make your business more profitable in the end.
  • Informed marketing decisions- When push comes to shove, conducting a social media audit will allow you to get a deeper sense of what’s truly working and not working. With that kind of information, you can rework an entire marketing strategy.

If these reasons are enticing you and have you thinking about auditing your social media accounts, then look no further than Top Floor.


Top Floor Knows Social Media Account Audits

Top Floor has a team of social media experts that know all about how to properly conduct social media account audits. Our minds are set on elevating results, which means you can expect honest and up-front recommendations to enhance your social media accounts. Contact us when you’re ready to schedule your social media account audit!