Squashing Industrial & Manufacturing Marketing Myths

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How Has The Marketing Landscape Changed?

Over the years, the marketing landscape across all industries has drastically changed. Whether that is who we target, how we target, or why we target; the introduction of technology has surely transformed everything. Bringing to light the digital aspects of marketing, we are now able to provide a more personalized and immersive experience that creates a system of individuals that a marketer can easily target. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly affected a multitude of industries. It has shown just how important marketing is for companies, especially those within the industrial sector. Most suppliers and manufacturers have had to adapt as their typical traditional marketing tactics are put on the back burner. The pandemic has helped manufacturing companies realize they need to “jump on the bandwagon” if you will, and embrace the use of digital marketing in order to drive growth. As technology has advanced and connecting with potential leads becomes harder and harder, traditional industrial marketing practices are obsolete.  

Digital Marketing Myths of the Industrial and Manufacturing Industry: Why They’re Wrong

There are several myths surrounding digital marketing and its integration with what we would consider less tech-savvy industries: industrial and manufacturing. Here are three digital marketing myths we’re covering below:

  • “We don’t need digital marketing, our products speak for themselves”
  • Industrial Customers don’t utilize social media or other digital platforms
  • Digital marketing is just another expense

Myth #1: We don’t need digital marketing, our products speak for themselves

This statement might be true if your product is the best there is and no one’s process is like yours. However, how are you going to reach an audience to let them know just how great your process or product is? Utilizing digital marketing services to tackle your industrial marketing needs can help put your message and products in front of specific audiences that are in search of solutions that you offer. 

Don’t let this myth about digital marketing being ineffective limit your possibilities when it comes to reaching regional, national, and even international prospects. The way to expand this reach, social media platforms can help immensely; and this does not exclude the industrial and manufacturing industry.

Myth #2: Industrial Customers don’t utilize social media or other digital platforms

Most people forget that everyone uses social media platforms to connect with family and friends, network, and even for entertainment, just like you. Even though for years, many people within the industrial industry may have not been utilizing various social platforms extensively in their business models. 

Buying into this digital marketing myth can cause you to miss out on utilizing free and paid promotional channels to your advantage. What has worked for your business in the past might still be working.

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Myth #3: Digital marketing is just another expense

While it is true that the initial stages of the digital marketing process can appear to many as a cost, digital marketing is a major player in generating short and long-term revenue and results. 

The digital world isn’t going away and can provide long-lasting benefits, results, and ultimately a large ROI (return on investment) if managed and planned out properly. Digital marketing avenues help businesses of all sizes find a way to communicate with their customers and target the most essential people; which leads to more conversions and traffic to your website and/or business.

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Overcoming Digital Marketing Myths Will Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Digital Marketing is definitely an involved process that takes time and dedication spread over many different online communication channels. There are continual tweaks that are meant to increase engagement, and the same process applies to every aspect of industrial marketing. Instead of focusing on quick or instant results, industrial companies should focus on using proven strategies to do marketing, and the results will follow. 

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