Spotify Podcast Ads Now Track Impressions & More


Spotify’s new marketing tools are designed to help advertisers get more precise information about their ads. Although podcasts have become a very popular medium, advertisers have been hesitant to advertise on these platforms because of a lack of targeting and reporting data. New tools for Spotify podcast ads now allow advertisers to view impressions, frequency, reach and demographic information for podcast ads. This new technology for the podcast advertising market provides modern metrics for Spotify digital marketing.

Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI)

Streaming Ad Insertion is the new podcast ad technology used to power Spotify podcast ads. Streaming Ad Insertion is now able to gather more information from Spotify’s logged-in audience and its streaming audio service. This technology is designed to enable Spotify digital marketers to leverage streaming by delivering more reporting and measurement capabilities. With Spotify podcast ads advertisers can now get more precise information which is making the podcast advertising market more transparent than ever. This technology will most likely continue the market’s growth.

Spotify Digital Marketing

Podcasts have proven to be a great digital medium but lack the ability to track clear measurements making them less appealing to advertisers. Spotify is combating this pain point for advertisers with new measurement technology. Spotify states, “Spotify Podcast Ads offer the intimacy and quality of traditional podcast ads with the precision and transparency of modern-day digital marketing.” The combination of a growing market and more data can be a great opportunity for advertisers. Spotify is aiming to help advertisers reach their target audiences by measuring real impressions along with demographics along with age, gender, device type, and listening behavior. Spotify is then able to provide data-driven recommendations to reach an intended audience.

Spotify podcast ads can now also help understand the impact of the investment. With more knowledge about listeners, we learn more about how people perceive brands and take action after hearing ads. Ad delivery and audience insights can help advertisers make more informed and confident decisions for ads. Spotify digital marketing is opening doors for many advertisers and this new technology may drive the podcast advertising market.

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