A peek behind the SEO curtain

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If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance that you either haven’t given SEO (search engine optimization) a second thought or you think there’s some sort of “magic” going on behind the scenes to ensure a website makes it onto the 1st page of search engine results. I’ve had the chance to peek behind the curtain since joining the team at Top Floor and I’ve learned that there’s no wizard pulling levers and pushing buttons behind the SEO curtain.  In the case of our team, it’s a really talented, experienced group working hard and employing a combination of process, creativity and technology to produce results for our clients and then keeping on top of ever-changing search algorithms to ensure those results aren’t short-lived. So what’s the secret you ask?  Truth is there is none, although there are three basic tenets that, if adhered to by a talented team, can lead you down the yellow brick road to success:  Code, Content & Connection

Code is making sure that the search engines (yes, like Google) can clearly see or find your website so that each page can be “indexed” correctly.

Content is making sure that your website is written and organized so that the content or text is comprised of “keywords” which will correspond with the “search terms” entered into Google when your target customer’s use when looking for a product or service like yours.

Connection is making sure that your website has links to and from many other sites that are relevant or influential in your particular area of business or expertise.  These links are telling those search engines that you are a big deal and should be “ranked” higher within their results. So there you have it.  No wizard.  No special sauce.  No magic.  Just a great SEO team at Top Floor employing process, creativity and technology to get the results you need to improve your bottom line. (…and none of those scary flying monkeys either)