SEO for Manufacturing Companies: 5 Important Reasons to Stay Focused


Manufacturing Success with SEO – Why Staying Focused on SEO Is Critically Important for Today’s Manufacturers

For manufacturing companies, the recent influx of competitive industry players, technological advancements, and marketing investments have made SEO for manufacturing companies critically important.

Today, it’s difficult for a manufacturing company (or any company for that matter) to show up in a sea of search results without investing in SEO.

But, if that isn’t enough to convince you…these 5 reasons definitely will!

1. You Can Actually Manufacture Profits

SEO helps your website show up in organic search results when someone searches for something related to the product or service you provide. The greater visibility you have in search results, the greater opportunity you have for people to visit your site and convert whether it is a contact us form or a phone call. The more foot traffic you get to your website, the more conversions you’ll get & the more profit you’ll make.

In short, the more foot traffic you get to your website, the more conversions you’ll get & the more profit you’ll make.

Think About it This Way – Whether you’re manufacturing an entire machine or one key component, it typically takes more than 1 order to deliver both ROI & profit. It’s the same thing with SEO – You can’t expect a one-time SEO Setup to keep your business profitable, which is why you have to keep investing in the continual & compounding value of SEO.

2. Your Competitors Have Already Drilled in

Google your competitors…do they show up ahead of you in non-paid search results? If they do, they’re probably doing a lot to make sure they’ve drilled down on their investments in SEO strategy & execution.

Good for them, right? Now it is your turn to take a look at your existing content and pages to see where you can optimize your content to catch up to those competitors that are ranking higher for those keywords than you are.

Think About it This Way – You can’t expect to make more than your competitors when your machines run 1 hour/day and theirs run 12 hours/day. In order to be competitive, you might have to hire more operators, buy newer machines or move to a bigger facility. It’s the same thing with SEO – you can’t expect to out-rank your competitors when you aren’t analyzing what they may be doing better than you. The competition is always looking to see what you are doing well, so you have to keep up with them in the same manner.

3. Research & Development are Constant

Google’s research & development is never-ending. They’re constantly evaluating how people search, where they click, how much time they spend on a website, etc. Getting to the top of search results doesn’t just “happen” – there’s a reason for it (actually many) that are based on Google’s library of algorithms.

Google’s algorithms change as our cultural behaviors & expectations evolve, which means you have to make sure your website is compliant with existing, new & emerging algorithms.

Think About it This Way – You wouldn’t invest in the design and development of a product without making sure it passes industry regulations. It’s the same thing with SEO – you have to make sure your website is compliant with Google’s constantly updated quality standards.

4. A Zero Defect Policy is Key

SEO helps your site perform at its technical best. In order to show up higher in search results (which goes hand-in-hand with a great user experience), it’s critical to make sure your site is optimized for things like site/page load time, sitemap crawl budget, mobile experience, etc.

In addition to technical optimization, it’s also important to make sure your site is free of any errors, broken links/pages, etc. Top Floor offers free digital marketing audits where you simply fill out a form, and our team will get to work to analyze your current campaigns and future potential.

Think About it This Way – You wouldn’t let your product go to market if there were issues with a critical component. It’s the same thing with SEO – you have to make sure every critical component of your site is functioning at optimal performance.

5. Investment in Quality is Continual

Making sure your site is optimized for both search engines and people is critical, but it doesn’t stop there.

SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it marketing avenue. You must be constantly adapting the quality of your strategy based on things like user behavior metrics, lead quality, competitor analysis, algorithm updates, and even cultural shifts.

Think About it This Way – Just because you created a great product, doesn’t mean you don’t continue to tweak it based on your customers’ feedback. It’s the same thing with SEO – you have to keep making optimization improvements as you go based on what your audience’s behavior is saying.

SEO for manufacturing companies helps your company get found in search results, which gets you more foot traffic to your site, helps you attain more leads/purchases & ultimately drives your profitability.

SEO can even improve the experience your audience has on your website, which is quickly becoming one of the most important ranking factors for Google.

The hard truth is – If you haven’t invested in SEO yet you’re way behind the curve…but it’s not too late to get in the game! With a serious investment & a talented SEO Specialist (or digital marketing agency), you can be a competitive player in your space.

Top Floor can be that agency with the investments that our talented SEO Specialists put into their work so contact us to see how we can help you 

Buckle down on SEO & Buckle in for Success!