Self-Improvement During Challenging Times

Company Culture

How Top Floor Has Taken Steps to Keep Company Culture at the Forefront

September is self-improvement month, a time to reflect and think about how to make some positive shifts in whatever areas you might need them. It’s kind of funny though because it seems that since March – we’ve all been forced to pivot and improve in all kinds of new ways whether we wanted to or not. This global pandemic has forever changed the way we do business and interact day-to-day so really, the way I see it, 2020 should have been considered an entire year of self-improvement.

Many companies, Top Floor included, have seen the shift from regular office hours to becoming a fully functioning remote company. Was it easy? No, not at first, but with the proper processes in place and a LOT of flexibility we’re proud of where we’re at and will continue to do so until it is safe for all.

So, how does a company successfully move from in-office to 100% remote work? A huge part of how Top Floor has accomplished this over the last six months revolves around culture. Company culture has always been at the core of our business model – including points such as consistency, enthusiasm, commitment, teamwork, ownership, and learning. These are the primary focus for every employee of Top Floor and are truly the framework of the company.

Keeping Culture at the Center

One of the biggest ways our management team has shifted during this wild time is by focusing on improving communication channels and solidifying new processes. We realized that being fully virtual could potentially lead to issues with communication and accountability so this had to be the first step in order to be successful. Careful processes have been created, so each member of the team knows exactly who to turn to with questions, concerns, and anything else they may need. New tools were also set up to help with engagement throughout the company and keeping us connected for more than just client work.

The New 9-5

Every single person who works here has a unique situation at home, whether they already have a full office set up, are working from their kitchen table, or have 2 kids running circles behind a Zoom call. Flexibility and understanding have been key components to “making it work” during this time.

One really important shift we’ve made is understanding everyone’s time at a home office looks a little different. Working at home (and not leaving our homes often in many of our cases), means no break from “work mode” to “life mode”. There is no commute to clear your head, no dedicated lunch break and it’s easy to work well past normal business hours.

In order to keep everyone’s work/life balance as normal as possible – our management team encourages each person to do what works best for them. This includes scheduled breaks, encouragement to get outside and take a walk, and stepping away when needed. Everyone is expected to be accountable for their work, while always being trusted with time spent.

Don’t Forget to Make it Fun!

Our management team, and employee satisfaction committee – known to us as TOP B.L.U.E. (Badass Leaders Unifying Employees) have both been integral in the overall morale of employees. It’s incredibly hard to stay connected in a meaningful way without making it seem like you’re “keeping tabs” on people. Here are just a few examples of the great work they have done:

  • Virtual Beer Club – once a week the team gathers via Zoom for show and tell, in-depth discussions about various topics, and fun online games. While this is an optional event, it’s guaranteed to bring a welcomed break for some fun.
  • Outdoor challenges – with summer winding down in Wisconsin, we know the nice weather is not always a guarantee, so TOP B.L.U.E. always encourages us to take a break, get out in nature and reset away from the screen.
  • “2020 Hours”. In recognizing that many team members go above and beyond during the week, our management team decided to expand our normal summer hours (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) to go through the remainder of 2020. This gives the team an opportunity to enjoy Fall and the last of the nice weather.
  • Shoutouts are a regular thing. We even have a Slack channel dedicated to shouting out the good work our peers are doing on a regular basis.

Who knows how long our world will look like this, but businesses certainly have changed and improved as a response to COVID-19. If you’re looking for a new gig – we are always hiring. Check out our open opportunities page, and see you at the top!