NEW YouTube Search Insights: Learn How Your B2B Customers Are Searching

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At the end of April 2022, YouTube launched the new YouTube Search Insights Tool. This tool was an experimental feature in November available to select users but was launched to all creators in April. YouTube Search Analytics is now available on your Channel Analytics dashboard, where you can preview searches made to view your content. This is a great new tool to explore what and how people are searching for your content.

Where Can I Find the YouTube Search Insights?

Within your YouTube Channel, find your way to the Youtube Studio. Here you can click on Analytics, and then you will be able to see the YouTube Search Insights under the Research Tab. In this tab, you can go to the secondary tab menu to click on “Your viewers’ searches”. You can further filter these searches as you see fit. These viewable searches can help us better understand what our audience is looking for and how we can better adapt to their needs by filling any content gaps.

YouTube Search Insights Platform

How Can B2B Businesses Utilize the YouTube Search Analytics Data?

B2B Businesses can utilize the new Search Insights tool to discover how people are getting to your current content and plan accordingly for future content. Exploring search terms that are being used can help marketers fill in the gaps for future content, for example, if keywords are being used that the current content doesn’t exactly elaborate on, marketers can easily whip up some new content to better capture those searches. On the other hand, if you are finding that the searches aren’t relevant to your business, this can also be helpful to find how you can adjust your content as well.

These search terms can be helpful to investigate other channels of your digital marketing efforts too! If you are finding new keywords in YouTube Search Analytics, it could be worth seeing the impact those keywords could have on your SEO or PPC efforts as well. Learning how your customers are searching on the web is vital to improving your online presence.

Do you need help optimizing your digital strategy for your newly found search terms? Let us help you organize a strategy that can help you capture new customers actively searching for your services. Contact us today!