Marketing Produces More Than Just Lead Generation


While you can invest a good deal of time laying out the logical case of why marketing is so important and why they should invest significant company money and resources into it they still doubt. They don’t have the level of faith that is important to have if one wants to fully enjoy the strength of digital marketing investments.

The reason it will be difficult for this kind of company to reap the benefits of a strong digital strategy is that effective marketing will always require a certain leap of faith. Effective marketing has both short and long term benefits. Doubting Thomas’s focus so much on the short term that they sabotage their ability to enjoy the benefit of what a strong commitment to effective marketing can provide.

Effective Marketing Efforts

Truly effective marketing efforts will keep your brand visible over time. Through repetition, it will begin to instill in the market a certain perception of your company.

When done properly it will be a perception that makes your company preferred over alternatives. It will make your company preferred not only by prospects and customers but also by the talent you need to succeed in the market place.

This will be due to both a public facing persona but also because of the impact a proper branding and positioning process can have on how your company is managed.

Effective Brand Position Defines Who You Are

An effective brand position defines who you are and why that is important to attracting and retaining customers. That definition provides a powerful management tool in that your brand can be used to coalesce your organization around a common goal and purpose. Having a well-defined common goal and purpose that aligns with the things most valued by your customers and prospects is what a strong brand is all about.

Using your brand promise as a constant reminder to teammates that this is who we are and what we stand can be a powerful and transformational management tool.

Last but not least it is important to recognize that the reason one markets, is that while face to face interaction is still the ultimate in representing your brand, face to face efforts simply can’t provide the reach that a marketing effort can. That is why when one thinks about marketing they need to consider. If you can reach all of your customers and keep your message prominent in their minds at all times only with your sales force than why bother investing in marketing? The reality is anyone that thinks they can do this is kidding themselves.