LinkedIn Removes Products & Services – A Guide to LinkedIn Showcase Pages


As of April 14, 2014, LinkedIn has disabled the products and services pages for businesses. GASP! How could they do that? LinkedIn is the social media platform for businesses and companies to showcase their business. LinkedIn states that, “A company page helps LinkedIn members learn about your business, brand and job opportunities.” So why get rid of listing products and services? LinkedIn aims to provide their users a product that is efficient and simple to use, and as a result they have moved in another direction to assist companies reach their audience with tools such as Showcase Pages and Company Updates. Showcase Pages Showcase pages allow companies to extend their presence by creating dedicated pages for products and services. The goals behind these pages should be to build long-term and in-depth relationships with members who follow your products and or services. For more information on what a showcase page is visit Hubspot’s Blog on Showcase Pages.

Follow These Steps to Create a Showcase Page.

Step 1: Get started! Click the down arrow next to the blue Edit button on the Company Page and select “Create a Showcase Page”.

Step 2. Create your Showcase PageChoose a Showcase Page name that is specific to a product or service. Step 3. Upload an image and write a description Be sure the image you choose is consistent with your website and your other social media pages. Your description should be 200 characters or less, and should include strategic keywords and a link to your website. Step 4. Upload logos Include a standard logo (100x60pixels) and a square logo (50x50pixels). Step 5. List Featured Groups You must either be an admin or a member of each group to list them. Step 6. Add a URL and select your industry On the right side of the page, be sure to add a Showcase Page Website URL. Choose a landing page that relates to the product or services you are showcasing. Also, choose a Main Showcase Page Industry. Finally, make sure the showcase page is listing under the company parent page. Step 7. Publish Your Post How to use your LinkedIn Showcase Pages with Company Updates Showcase pages should be used for a specific product or service your company offers. These pages are linked to your company’s LinkedIn page and are an extension of your website. Here are a few tips on what to post on these pages:

  • Product announcements
  • Relevant company and industry news
  • Previous posts you made to the company page or on other platforms.