How to Better Market Yourself and Your Company on LinkedIn? (Part 1)


I started my adventure on LinkedIn before graduating from college. As a lot of college students, my primary goal was to end up with a decent job out of it. I collected business cards after every networking event and sent everyone a request on LinkedIn. No follow up; no conversation; no engagement; we’re JUST connected and that’s all. If you are doing the same thing as what I did in the past, you’ve missed a lot. Building up connections and creating your profile page on LinkedIn is just a start. The key is to maximize your returns by staying on top of it and marketing yourself and your company. Here are some food for thought I learned from my own adventure with LinkedIn. Hopefully, you would find them valuable too.

Layer Keywords in your Profile

Similar with Google, search on LinkedIn is based on keywords. After setting up your goals, make sure that you utilize highly relevant keywords in your headline and description as much as possible. Don’t worry about being repetitive. The more occurrences of the keywords, the higher chances you will be found by your target audience. Your headline of your profile page is like a meta-description of a web page, aiming at delivering valuable information in a concise and specific manner. Think about the expertise and talents that make you stand out among your peers; then craft your headline describing what you do, and most importantly, what you CAN offer.

Freshness Matters: Share news and articles

Why Sharing?

Sharing is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your company active and visible on your network’s news feed, which plays a vital role in establishing long-term relationship and achieving thought leadership. The last thing you want to happen is to let people gradually forget you without seeing you on their news feed for a while.

What to share?

  • Any article, blog post and event you find interesting or rewarding for your connections. Mostly, I would only share information work-related, such as B2B online marketing strategies, manufacturing trends, SEO tips, web design real cases, etc.
  • Market yourself by publicizing your own stories, articles and achievements to better present your personality, interest, and professional skills.
  • Are you proud of your employer and what they do? If the answer is “Yes”, reshare the latest news accomplished by your company and be proud.

Optimize Your Company Page

1. Utilize multi-media elements to better engage your audience

LinkedIn allows users to present their companies’ stories in a more dynamic way. Check out the video below and learn how to add videos, headers and designated sales reps to each service and product offering’s page.

2. Create a New Audience Profile and Determine Your Message Receivers

Users are able to create a number of audience profiles and customize the offerings to be shown accordingly. Specifically, they can define different target audience groups by selecting a list of demographic variables, including company size, job function, industry, seniority and geography.

3. Share Updates on a Regular Basis

Sharing updates on a regular basis is a must if one of your goals is to achieve thought leadership in your industry. Staying active and productive reflects your capability of what you are really good at. Regarding to Top Floor’s LinkedIn page, I mainly share two kinds of information: the latest news about Top Floor and the recent trends/changes in online marketing industry.

4. Request Recommendations for Your Company

In B2B, referral still plays a big part in generating leads. Thus, building up recommendations becomes crucial in increasing an organization’s credibility and accountability. LinkedIn offers a platform for us to accumulate and publicize the recommendations we receive from our clients. I would suggest every sales rep and the account executive to mark this task on your calenders as one elements of your selling process. Each service has a unique “request recommendation” button. Only the administrators are able to send out a request on behalf of the organization. The second part of my blog series on LinkedIn will feature how to leverage the power of LinkedIn Groups.

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