Keeping Organic Traffic Amidst COVID-19


Since COVID-19 brought upon these sudden changes to our every day lives, your organic traffic may not be the same that it used to be a month ago. Your sessions may be slowly declining, and that flow may be affecting other aspects of your business. There must be a way to keep traffic coming to your site and keep that strong presence that you have already established, right? There is and lets dive into how you can keep that organic traffic.

COVID-19 Banners/Dedicated Pages

There are a few ways that you can continue to reach those customers that may have faltered within the last month and it all starts with letting them know that you are still there for them. This can be shown by a dedicated page with a statement letting those customers know that you are still for them through this or even a banner designated at the top of your pages. Creating this lets those that are searching for you know what your company is doing during this time. As a company, you want to instill the trust in your brand to those searching for you. Let them know what safety measures you are taking, ensuring the health and safety of your employees, or letting them know where your company can be reached if daily tasks are functioning a little differently now. We at Top Floor have ensured communication to the public that we are still open and fully functional via email and a COVID-19 website banner. Our messaging is consistent to let our clients know that we are completely remote to ensure the health and safety of all, and that we are still here to help them keep that strong presence.

Top Floor's COVID-19 website banner

Creating New Content

Another major way to adapt your SEO strategy is to find new ideas and ways to create your content. There are more than enough bright minds out there to help you create a blog (see what I am doing here). Let those that at are searching for you know that this is not a time to stop learning and that you are creating ways for them to continue learning. There is still content that you can be writing right now as a business and there isn’t a better time than now to provide that content.

Google Trends

One of the great tools to utilize out there is Google Trends.  Google Trends gives you a great insight in understanding the changes in search behavior over time. It is a useful for you to search for terms that are relative to your industry that your newly created content can be targeted around.  When you are searching these trends remember that people are at home now, so do not forget to add some modifiers to add to keywords.  The most popular modifiers right now are ‘at home’, ‘indoor’, and ‘virtual’.

Better Your Conversions

Don’t get me wrong here. We don’t want to start testing and changing everything during this time, but there are great opportunities to refine what you are doing to fully optimize your SEO strategy.

  • Look into your Google Analytics and Search Console to find those pages that may not have been performing as well as you thought they would the first quarter of the year. Find ways to improve your keyword strategy so that your keyword matches the intent of the content on your page.
  • Make sure that the goals that you are setting within your analytics are tracking correctly and that it is the best way to do so
  • Look at what your competition is doing and use that to increase the value of your product/brand
  • Give it a shot by testing different copy and imagery. Try to test out imagery of people at home or practicing social distancing.  Get creative!


Remember that you are not in this alone and that other businesses are seeing these same issues with their organic traffic. Not sure where to start with these changes in keeping your organic traffic? We at Top Floor would love to help figure out the best way to attack this, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us today.