Integrate CallRail analytics with your Google My Business


First off, have you heard of CallRail before?  If not, CallRail is a lead focused analytics platform bringing clarity to their customer’s digital efforts through call tracking, call transcriptions, or form tracking.  The most used CallRail product is their ‘call tracking’ product which works with you to improve the conversion rate of inbound phone calls your company receives.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s dive into how this can help ease the tracking of your CallRail analytics as there is now integration with your Google My Business (GMB).  The integration has developed a solution to zero click searches and the cannibalization of website traffic by GMB.  Though there is a solution to the issues, there may still be some limitations.

Limited call data with GMB

The limitations start with limited call insights and no call recording from GMB.  There is only the ability to capture click to call on mobile devices.  It also does not allow GMB to report if the call was answered, a repeat caller, or the duration of the call.

Also, the CallRail analytics must be set up location by location within GMB for multi-location brands.

What can these analytics do for you?

There are two great benefits of using call tracking that is integrated into your GMB compared to relying on GMB insights strictly.

  • Marketers can use separate numbers for GMB and organic search.
  • Marketers can obtain ‘person-level data’ from GMB originated phone calls. This includes customer name, phone numbers, recordings, call duration, repeat callers and amount of calls from a prospect before converting.

Why take advantage of this?

This is a great way for marketers to clearly understand which channels within searches were driving the most and best leads from organic searches or paid campaigns.  There are some other ways to track your leads and sales through calls, but CallRail analytics ‘call tracking’ is a great way to overview your GMB insights in a simplistic manner.

Do you have more questions on how to track your leads? Contact us for further ways to track this information and create the best conversions for your company.