Five Practical Tips to Improve Your Website Results

Design & Development

Increasingly, prospects will search for you online before they will call you. Your virtual presentation has become your business’s first impression and the most important first contact. Unfortunately, many businesses are not taking advantage of this opportunity to engage their visitors and may ultimately lose opportunities. Listed below are five tips to help you create an enhanced user experience and improve web results.

Lead with a clear message

To provide a friendly online experience, it is critical for visitors to quickly locate the products, services, or capabilities they are looking for. Review the most prominently displayed text on your homepage and determine if the provided descriptions give readers a clear indication of what your company does.

Provide simple and intuitive navigation

Use clearly-labeled navigation links that are understandable to your site visitors, then apply them in a consistent manner throughout your website. To test, have a user unfamiliar with your business to interact with your website and note where points of confusion occur.

Offer compelling calls to action

Each page of your website should allow your visitors to answer the question “what now?” Once they learn about your products, services, and capabilities, they should be directed to an easy-to-find call to action, such as: “Request a Quote”, “Ask a Question”, “Download a White Paper”, “Find a Dealer”, etc.

Maximize your reach on search engines

Search engines match results to search requests by identifying relevant keywords, especially the ones in page titles and headings. If the words or phrases being searched for are not embedded in your product and service descriptions, your website will not be found. Google keyword tool provides valuable data for you to identify popular keywords your audience is searching for.

Measure and improve results

Web tracking tools measure website success and identify areas for improvement. Google Analytics provides detailed reports on your site traffic sources, keywords, conversion actions, and more. When measuring results, look beyond the quantity of traffic and focus on the quality of visits and conversions.

This article was first published on the BizTimes, April 30, 2012